Dealing with Adversity and Facing Challenges in Life by Keep Pushing Forward

Actions for dealing with adversity were the best choice for me rather than obstacles in life holding me back. I committed to keep pushing forward of abuse, poverty and neglect, as well as my own poor choices in life.

Now I’m an effective published author and speaker, Podcast host, internet business owner, and lover of life who has shown the world that overcoming adversity is in each of our power.

There are a few action type strategies for first using the power of visualization in your mind, and then reflecting that to your material world when it comes to overcoming hardship.

Anyone can if I was able to leave my self-loathing life behind and beginning at the age of 50, where I’d spend 8 long years in prison over a foolish securities violation in my practice as a financial advisor for over 25 years.



Once released from prison, where I’d written every single day and all day right in the heart of the volatile and often violent din of the cell block, my only choice for employment were the local car wash or the Italian Deli in my small home town.

I’d rather chosen to keep pushing forward with the piles of handwritten material I’d somehow smuggled out of that nasty hell-on-earth.

Come explore with me YOUR individual journey to, “Dealing with adversity” and how to move on in life:

Having Abundance in your Life

  • The majority of people never ever understand what “abundant” truly indicates.
  • Wealth creation isn’t simply defined in money.

It’s richness in Mind, Body and Spirit all the way to your inner most core called your ‘Truest Essence.’

I determine my own inner prosperity in the number of family and friends who stuck with me, hopes, accomplishments, and feelings of safety I now have.

Decide now to be really abundant, never settle, empower yourself now … and withstanding wealth will pertain to you.

The World Need YOUR Heroic Mission

Only by pursuing something much better can I intend to be a good example for others who are dealing with adversity.

  • So who is my hero?
  • The Oneness we all share, which I call God.

The good news is, humanity has actually been blessed with others we can all emulate when we’re up against overcoming hardship and facing challenges in life.

People like the late Arnold Palmer, Wayne W. Dyer, Steve Jobs, and so many others who have had stared adversity in the face and were able to keep pushing forward, are who I have looked up to.

These and more are certainly highly effective people who have actually chosen to take steps at dealing with adversity in their lives.

Have you thought about the distinction these types of individuals have made to make the world a better place, and for enhanced lives of so many by following their actions?

Read, Study, Watch, Think and Grow

Never ever stop discovering brand-new information and newer ways of looking at the world.

Lots of books, CD’s, videos, and other material have greatly affected me in positive ways I cannot describe to the highest degree.

And you needn’t be an author or journalist or speaker to appreciate the vast knowledge available in libraries, book shops, the news media and the wonderful internet.

Keep Sowing and you’ll Keep Growing

We get back significantly when we offer time and energy to feeding our own mind, but also we need to assist our communities and our country.

You, too, can get included by perhaps sharing with the homeless, rescuing those down on their luck, reaching out to abused and ignored kids, offering and contributing.

Consider your Over-all Well-Being

A health scare triggered me to begin a significant re-evaluation of my life.

I found exactly what the medical industry isn’t telling us, and so can you, too, enhance your health so your happier side, more meaningful, and with more inner bliss to last a lifetime.

Overcoming Obstacles in Life

By dealing with the most fear-generating problems in life, you can move on with your life and always be ready for facing challenges in life while in this world.

Whether your issue is a kidney stone (OUCH!), or a nasty root-canal, or losing weight as the doctor has been advising, or perhaps healing a love relationship, you can start dealing with adversity.

Maybe begin trying something new like mindfulness meditation exercises, or redefining something familiar, maybe yoga for diet and fitness, and of course, answering to your true calling.

Why not ask for help if you need it?

Do you Practice True Forgiveness?

The Course in Miracles states, “To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. All the rest must be forgotten.”

Let’s now take a look at how to move on with your life where the habits of highly effective individuals continue to have faith in more, but are not destroyed by obstacles in life that for a while are setbacks.

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Highly Effective Hope for More and Handle Life Setbacks

Life is like a moving automobile with no brakes, and I mean that if you invest too much time in the rearview mirror, you may get into the opposite lane and have a head-on collision. 

Crashes in life arrive by being out of control.

The catastrophe of life is that the individuals you most desire to invest time with you have to arrange time to even see.

I mean that balance working and living wise by making time for your friends and family.

Research studies reveal that time invested with encouraging people, good friends and faith gatherings and neighborhoods can assist individuals when dealing with adversity.

Acknowledge that individuals frequently have devastating times, where sensations that everything is going wrong and facing challenges in life to where, nothing it seems, is going to change.

Believe of these ideas as if they are being stated by some external opponent whose objective in life is to make you unpleasant.

What I mean is if you have a hard time getting on a jet airliner to fly across the country or over the ocean, just think that it is reported that you’re almost “40 times at more most to die in a car accident.”

Do not go through your life with your face in “park.”

Shift into gear and take your life seriously, however along the way be kind to yourself and pamper yourself often.

That’s a point of view worth keeping in mind in these tough times.

Versatile optimists stand firm even in the existence of dealing with adversity and unfavorable results.

Exactly what you believe when things go incorrectly figures out whether you learn from the situation or get filled with stress and anxiety when facing challenges in life, or whether you get hectic conquering the issue.

Only the ego-based mind aspect in you—that fearful, doubting, and judgmental side that likes to be a victim, will say things like, “I’ll never ever be able to be successful.”

The Course in Miracles further states, “Only you can deprive yourself of anything. Do not oppose this realization, for it is truly the beginning of the dawn of light.”

Marital or Relationship Healing is crucial in times of crisis.

The most terrible issue of life is that the individuals you most desire to invest time with you perhaps put aside due to a far too hectic lifestyle.

  • Be sure to invest quality time with positive, upbeat, friendly, caring and giving friends.
  • Far too numerous are falling victim to the anxiety of our age, seen as vulnerability.

By managing your routines and mindsets you too can modify your life and impact others you work and live with.

Here are some useful suggestions to declare your very own optimistic outlook and benefit in getting better from any obstacle in life or even a catastrophe:

Support viewpoints for the recovery power of time.

Due to the fact that we tend to believe that our responses to bad occasions will never fade, we likewise tend to feel specifically excellent when we recuperate from injury with unforeseen speed.

None of us will ever forget the scary Pearl Harbor and September 11th, or other natural disasters like the Hurricane activity that swept Puerto Rico and other areas in Florida to Louisiana and Texas, but we somehow now look back with a calmer viewpoint just time can offer.

You do not manage all occasions that take place, however you do manage your reaction to occasions.

You do not manage the cards you are dealt in life, but you can discover dealing with adversity for how to play even a bad hand well.

Get a grip on the hectic lifestyle whenever it hits you and begin looking at the world in a different way.

The Course in Miracles also states, “You taught yourself the most unnatural habit of not communicating with your Creator.”

Highly effective people and how successful people grow is in continuing to go within and ask, and listen, and they find better options one day at a time.

Use the power of choice to be delighted and override that that sensation of being dissatisfied and life being unfair.

  • End the day by determining just a few things for which you are grateful.
  • You can begin by being grateful that you somehow found my blog!

Rather of taking yourself for just being too busy, stop, and enjoy yourself and think of the wonderful others you like being around.

If you are not thinking of yourself as being successful or making progress, you might be winning and just not realizing it due to the fact that you’re too self-absorbed and not taking note.

Be regular at checking your schedule and calendar to make note of the little successes that are building up momentum.

Invest a small portion of your time in education and researching your goals and staying motivated with perhaps keeping a library of self-help material.

If you find that you need to boost that time spent feeding your mind, then bump it up a little, and then a little more as things keep moving well.

Dealing with adversity with optimism is much easier when you have a task that provides you enthusiasm, passion and purpose, energy, and satisfaction.

These are constantly changing and challenging periods which humanity is seeing right now, and every individual has an option about the mindset they bring to their day and the actions they make.

Those who keep pushing forward are the survivors who make the finest of the alternatives they have, while victims whimper about with a scarcity mindset.

There is never absolutely nothing you can do, the only concern is whether a provided action will work and if devoted action is worth the financial investment of the time needed to accomplish the wanted outcomes.

Survivors keep making options one day at a time.

To keep a favorable mindset while dealing with adversity is crucial, and be sure to take your health practices seriously in tough times.

Watch your diet and eat the right foods, workout, get plenty of sleep, and insert day-to-day tension breaks in your day with breathing meditation.

  • You make a distinction for yourself when you make a distinction for others.
  • Individuals of faith tend not live in worry, however discover peace in faith.

They are both your umbrella in a down pour and also your shelter in a rough storm with solid foundation to help you find yours.

Construct an expectation of success through relentless inner work and invest your objectives and goals on the tasks at hand on useful action taking steps.

Dealing with adversity can either be a crisis that keeps you imprisoned, or it can be a time to be free while shifting forward and leaving behind all that once had you chained and bound.


Remember, it’s important to balance career, working and living wisely by making time for those who are dear to you.

Countless experts agree that time invested with encouraging others, good friends and the like can assist individuals to discover strength when needing to begin overcoming hardship.

Life can be like a runaway car with no brakes if you allow it to be that way.

If you invest too much time in regretting the past and looking backwards, you are more likely to lose your way again.

Recognize exactly what you’d done wrong and make corrections, all the while having optimistic outlook on the future.

When dealing with adversity and facing life challenges the next time, ask, “What are you going to do to correct the issue,” and, “How will you manage it next time?”

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To the life you want to live,

James Nussbaumer

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