Finding your True Self and Stop Bad Addictions by Spiritually Awakening

What we’ve discussed in my ever-developing book series is the process of finding your true self, by accepting our part in how to spiritually awaken.

I mean for our own personal transformation and success we must be cautious with our own projected images and finding identity.

How you project your true identity can easily be the healing cure for how to stop bad addictions and habits.

We discussed deeply in book 1 of the series why it’s crucial in your own mind you must not allow yourself to live someone else’s dream.

This turns his illusions on himself as your mind sees it.

Likewise, you would be wishing his/her illusions on yourself. In other words, you would be seeing each other through the eyes of separate fantasies.

There would be no reality to finding identity and what either of you are seeing. Likewise,  no effects, other than more fantasy and illusion.

Being a figure in someone else’s dream keeps you from finding your true self.

If you’re having trouble understanding this you are placing too much emphasis on the body as your identity.

Try to go back through this in your mind, read the last two paragraphs again slowly.

But this time try to see that by helping your brother/sister with his/her separate identity, or, ego, along with yours, you are learning together to further the ego.

Yes, to project separately the pain in both of your lives and it’s where each of you seems to find pain.

In a lot of cases in not being able to grasp how to stop bad addictions like say, smoking, just for example

With not living your true free will, your true identity, you become a figure in his dream and he in yours.

This makes you both project images of each other and of yourselves without a true and real identity.

You could be anyone or anything depending on whose dream you are involved in.

But you can be sure of one thing that you both are in fear because you are operating from each other’s dream of separation.

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Let’s look at an example on finding your true self:

Here is why the author of Alcoholics Anonymous emphasizes the importance of knowing your Highest Power.

Yes, in whatever way you may connect with your Source.

By showing up at an AA meeting without recognizing your Highest Self, or at least having a willingness to do so, you fail.

I’m saying when not participating through That, you may end up leaving the meeting with the fear of needing that next drink.

This would be the dream someone else made-up about finding your true self.

Okay, I mean that, but whoever did, it was projected by your wrong-mindedness, and this makes you living in someone else’s dream.

How so?

Who made up the idea of needing that next drink, or the idea of addictions, and so on? Certainly these ideas do not exist behind the dream.

Rather, you will want to see yourself and the other AA members as connected to the same, one, Source.

Your Source of life is your true Identity.

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Of course, and your real purpose for being at the meeting in the first place. This is how one keeps himself sober and finding identity.

Your true identity from behind the dream doesn’t need a drink of alcohol.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, the Christ in you does not have an addiction, but your body you dream of as your identity does.

In this example, and the dream of others has made you an alcoholic.

Let go of the dream and begin expressing your true self, and let it be the reflection that others see.

The body will then rid the addiction, and you will begin finding your true self.

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To your true identity,

James Nussbaumer

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