Trying to Find Myself for a Better Life is in Easily Improving Self Esteem

There is a way of trying to find myself we discussed at last evenings webinar, and I hope finding yourself leading a life of certainty is free of pain.

Of course, this means improve self esteem drastically helps heal addictions, too, and on to creating a real life.

You simply have permission to refuse being a part of a fearful dream in life that is confused over finding yourself.

Okay, I’m keeping it brief today, so let’s consider this food-for-right-minded-thought.

Think about it when trying to find myself.

That individual contemplating suicide does not truly want to do it, and the alcoholic truly does not want to take that next drink.

Both spouses in an awful mood do not truly want to bitch at each other, and so on.

But we continue to do these types of things, have these types of thought, out of fear so deeply rooted in illusion.

Yes, that we sink deeper into the dream of fear and doubt, finding it difficult to find peace of mind.

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This can make us lose touch with who we truly are when we’re being so hard on ourselves.

Rather, we want to be able to stand apart from the figures in the dream. But not apart from our brother/sister who keeps us whole.

By seeing each other as having depth beyond that of a body, we can then see the difference between the dreamer, and the dream itself.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that: You will have joined your mind with his, and with your willingness to do so you have let the illusion be simply the nothingness it is.

By letting it be, you have let it go. You are uniting with the mind, but never with the dream.

It is the dream we are afraid of, and not the mind.

This is evident when we worry about a particular outcome. But the problem is, we see both as the same because we think our reality is the dream.

Your body along with mine and all the other bodies on this planet are what seem to make the gap.

Yes, I mean the illusive gap keeps minds separated and makes separate wholes seem to be wholeness.

Perhaps, we don’t realize this is the illusion of why we are so desperately trying to find myself.

That’s because behind the dream where you eternally truly live is where your knowledge rests.

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To be true to yourself,

James Nussbaumer

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