I Need to Find Myself never happens when You Stay in the Gap

The false ideas in the gap lived daily means you’ll never answer to, the haunting question of, I need to find myself. 

In the real world that you and I eternally live in, there are no gaps keeping us from living our purpose and passion.

I mean when you’re up against the notion trying to find myself, this I believe will help you.

What is truly whole can have no space that allows for a gap.

Since space is nonexistent, only in illusion can you enter your brother’s/sister’s dream, and he/she enters yours.

In other words, when you think you know him as a mean, nasty individual, your own judgement of this comes from your dreaming that you are part of his dream.

It’s an illusion that needs to end so you may answer to, I need to find myself.

Although there is no such thing as mind travel, you are indeed within your brother/sister’s mind and he/she in yours.

Mind travel would indicate a belief in separate wholes. It’s a travel outside one part to another. In true wholeness there is no “outside”, anywhere.

Here’s a Podcast article about overcoming being confused about who you are – Course in Miracles: 

If you can accept this law of oneness as reality, this can release him from the dream of life you made for him.

Remember, everything in this world is your projection of it.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “To you the miracle cannot seem natural, because what you have done to hurt your mind has made it so unnatural that it does not remember what is natural to it.”

How many times do we first recognize an individual totally unlike or even opposite of who he really is?

In other words, we are good at judging a book by its cover, especially when we’re confused over the notion of, I need to find myself.

In this alone proves your fears are not real.

You can begin now to allow your brother/sister to acknowledge who he/she is not supporting his/her illusions with your faith. In doing so, you will have supported your own illusions, as well.

How is this?

Since it your projected image that is judging the cover of these figures, as you dream of separateness, you are additionally making a cover for yourself that doesn’t honestly reflect you.

You are seemingly wishing to be like others, and in doing so you make him appear to be someone else.

Be certain and trust that if you do your part by being your true self, he/she will do the same.

He may not show it initially, but inside he/she is joining you where you take your stance.

Do not allow him/her to see a gap within you where he/she can meet you to share further illusion, or the identity façade will never end.

Does this mean you must be a serious stone face all the time when pondering over I need to find myself?

Of course not, in fact, that would be the facade I’m speaking of.

Simply by being who you really are, that joyful and peaceful, non-judgmental you will give him/her the go-ahead to do the same.

You will only become a passive figure in his dream if you project yourself to reflect his projection of himself.

You must be the dreamer of your own dream, because the only reality of your dream of separation is that your identity is truly the dreamer and not the dream.

          Try to see it this way:

If you take yourself into the gap, which is to live in the space of false ideas, you will share confusion where nothing stable exists.

Others in the dream appear as you project them to be.

Therefore, they reflect either the wrong-minded or the right-minded goals you have for them. His/her dream of a separate mind becomes your dream.

But if you were to let go of your dream, where would his/her dream be? Just as well, if there is no truth in yours where would it be in his/hers?

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To the real you,

James Nussbaumer

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