Guilt and Fear will Always be with You Until You Know Real Forgiveness

For the time being, guilt and fear remain with this world as separate illusions.

When I say “for the time being,” it’s because time is all that we see.

All of our physical perceptions are based on time, and understanding this in a metaphysical sense can help you grow leaps and bounds.

Here’s what I mean:

But we can progressively subdue time, the realm where our “thinking” side identifies with a body and its boundaries—who and what we think we are.

We can learn this is the unreal or unnatural self we have made.

This is all that Jesus wanted us to understand when he said: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

We don’t know our real self, and to forgive will allow us to “let go,” so what we did make of ourselves can be undone.

I found that when I am afraid of something, I am acknowledging its power to hurt me. We all believe in what we value.

Yes, our creative powers within are free of guilt and fear.

If I am fearful, then I must be placing value in fear; therefore I must be valuing wrongly.

This fearful habit of mind is destroying our chances for peace. Likewise, we must have peace within us before we can extend it.

Recognizing this, we can more clearly understand the Bible where it says: “The peace of God passeth understanding.”

The statement means that peace cannot be valued wrongly. Nor can it be shaken at all by errors of any kind.

When we no longer feel vulnerable to attack, separated or rejected, we can then lengthen the instants of pure thought.

Or “no-thinking,” where we reinterpret for our mind what it is we truly want.

The bottom line is that we all want peace of mind and to create the life we want.

But are in fear of how to achieve it. Even the murderer wants peace, but his own fears are so deeply rooted.

As well, his real self so shallow, that he cannot begin to see forgiveness in the world he is a part of.

The best way I can say to you how to let go of your fears is to consider this principle below from the text of ACIM.

Remember, A Course in Miracles teaches us that:

  • Forgiveness means to overlook, or let go, and then look beyond the errors to the realm where the Will of God exists.

In other words, when you have overlooked someone’s errors by looking beyond their body.

Yes, that made the error, then you have forgiven them.

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This is also how you must forgive yourself free of guilt and fear.

You can start forgiving yourself right now as you read my book series. I mean, by acknowledging the belief you truly value and want to live by, without guilt and fear.

In other words, begin right now to start looking beyond your guilt. Oh yes, and fears by overlooking them.

The initial step is to reinterpret how your mind sees the world, which you have made by following a pattern that others have set for you.

Then you can turn around these habits of mind by living your own free will, which requires forgiveness.

Or, “Looking beyond” the world’s workings and the “you” that you made.

Look beyond it all and find out what “you” see—your vision, if you will.

And of course, free of guilt and fear.

Without real forgiveness you will remain in the dark, guilty and fearful. Too, will naturally see death.

But the Light that is within you has a willingness to extend itself.

This is the realm where there is no death.

You may be asking, “How, then, can I escape darkness and enter the real world?”

It’s simple: by “letting go” of all that chains you and using your real vision to look through the darkness.

“What is real vision?” you might ask.

My goal through this message is for you to look at what it is you truly want in this life while here on Earth.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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