Higher Awareness and Self Discovery Achieved in an Instant by Connecting with your Spirit Guide

I remember one time how amazed I was for reaching higher awareness. It was with some spiritual guidance urging me what to do.

I approached a traffic light where a male stood in worn-out clothes and coat to keep warm. And with his small skinny dog on a leash. 

As I waited for the signal light to direct me I took a look at this scene with empathy. I felt a desire to contribute something.

The sign he was carrying showed that he was homeless.

My business partner with me in the vehicle commented that he was a strong young man.

He added that, there were a lot of job opportunities. Likewise, why must anyone give to individuals who are capable of working.

My friend showed a type of mild contempt for this guy soliciting funds who he felt “need to” be working.

My thoughts were on him and the reality that he cared for and fed his starved pet dog in bitter cold winter.

I rolled down the window and gave him a few bucks for which he revealed enormous appreciation.

My business partner in my automobile semi-scolded me for being a sucker. As well for allowing him to continue to be a beggar.

I thought about some words as taught by A Course in Miracles meaning this: 

“You see in all those you encounter there is a holiness you both share. It is all in between you and God. It was never between you and the naysayers anyway.”

Really this was not in between me and my business partner in the vehicle. Nor was it in between that homeless man and me.

It was between God and me. Some higher awareness inside of me advised to extend love. As well a little money to the guy and his dog.

That “higher awareness,” if you experience it, is an instant of connecting with your spirit guide. 

To me, spiritual connection and physical life are not just a few different measurements of truth.

I think about spiritual guidance and higher awareness as a way of making my life work at a greater level. Yes, and receiving guidance for managing my problems.

The methods which I tap into my higher awareness for self discovery are easy. They include a couple of simple, fundamental practices:

Surrender is the most essential and possibly most tough thing for me.

In surrendering my thoughts during breathing meditation are something like this:

  • I merely do not understand how to fix this situation. Thereby I am turning it over to the very same force that I turn my physical body over to every night when I go to sleep. I trust in this unseen part of me to keep my heart pounding, my blood circulating, and so on.

Accessing higher awareness and self discovery implies transforming my inner thoughts and feelings.

Yes, again, from discord and disharmony to finding happiness.

In the spirit of surrender and love I silently whisper these thoughts: “I invite the greatest spiritual connection for all concerned to be here now.”

I try to see anger, hatred and disharmony as invites to give up and enjoy.

With this understanding I have the choice to allow spirit to manifest and work through me.

I believe my higher awareness is inseparable from the infinite and the eternal.

Having a relationship with the infinite part of myself motivates my acknowledgment of spiritual connection.

The awareness of my unlimited nature is great for putting everything into viewpoint.

My manner involves cultivating an empty mind. In this area I listen carefully. As well, allow myself to have total faith that I will be assisted in the direction of resolution.

I release my concepts about how something ought to be resolved.

Finding spiritual guidance and self discovery to my life’s problems constantly involves kindness and gratefulness.

For me, this suggests offering my life to my soul function and being grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I think that I get back from the world what I put out to the world. I mean, not just physically, but likewise in regards to my ideas.

So, I suggest spiritual awareness through meditation practices. It involves being generous and grateful in my thoughts that lead to success in life.

Are you perhaps wanting to learn how to do mindfulness meditation? If so, I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice that many including myself simply love.

In minutes of misery I attempt to affirm: “I see absolutely nothing, I hear nothing, I know absolutely nothing that is separate from me.”

I select happiness as a gauge of my level of spiritual consciousness at any given moment.

The more cheerful, delighted, contented, and satisfied I am feeling, the more mindful I am. Yes, I mean of my connection to spirit.

Begin connecting with your spirit guide and if you feel that you do not wish to give, do not.

But rather than letting anger or judgment rule the moment, provide that person a silent true blessing. Yes, from the part of you that is a part of him.

This is spiritual guidance and higher awareness in action. 

Accessing solutions to life’s questions suggests converting my inner ideas. Also feelings from discord to peace and harmony.

By connecting with your spirit guide with the unlimited part of you something happens. It encourages your acknowledgment of spiritual connection.

Discovering spiritual solutions to my life’s issues always involves intent, kindness and gratitude.

I am suggesting that the next time you see someone asking for money, do not judge or criticize.

Take a look at that circumstance as being in between you and your spiritual consciousness. Yes, a higher awareness between you and God.

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Next, let’s take a closer look at the possibility of self discovery and inner awareness

Inner Awareness = Possibility

Simply as people frequently withstand being awakened from physical sleep, they are a lot more resistant being awakened from spiritual sleep.

Lots of people have actually had moments of spiritual awakening. I’m saying, just to overlook them and return to the convenience of their previous routine.

Inertia is a powerful force, and duplicated urges are needed to conquer it.

We most likely would not silence the alarm clock and return to sleep. I mean if we knew that something extremely amazing or incredibly essential was awaiting us in the morning.

Under such scenarios, we generally leap out of bed, expecting the unique event.

Children won’t get up easily to go to school. But wild horses will not keep them in bed on the early morning of a summer day camp. 

We would invite the arousal call for spirituality with the anticipation of something terrific.

Yes, if only we understood and accepted that spiritual arousal raises individuals.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “The message your brother gives you is up to you. What does he say to you? What would you have him say? Your decision about him determines the message you receive.”

So, does all this mean I’m recommending that you always provide money to people who ask for it?

No. I am suggesting that the next time you see somebody asking for cash, look at that scenario.

I’m saying as being in between you and your spiritual consciousness – between you and God.

By not honoring the value of spiritual guidance, we merely cause ourselves to linger in sleepiness and darkness.

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To embracing inner awareness,

James Nussbaumer

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