If You Are Depressed or in Despair Here’s a Brief Pointer to Help

When depressed or in despair and trying to find a way through emotional healing certainly can be a battle with the snarling dogs of your own ego mind. 

I was able, by a thread of hope at my innermost core.

Yes, to avoid a meltdown of the trust I had in myself to endure this period in my life: a prison term of ten years. 

A Course in Miracles teaches that the ego in us always seems to be a matter of who loses the most, with the winner ending up with more, and proudly assessing their own losses.

That hope was essential because it kept me at a maximum potential thereby from succumbing to my deepest despair imaginable—a subjective state we experience when our inner resources are sufficient to cope with a situation like emotional healing. 

In book 2–the sequel, I really get involved about…That’s all I had, but somehow that thought was given to me, as well as the strength to hold onto it. 

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It is okay at times to feel confused or lost and dealing with despair about an event in your life, as well as asking yourself if you are facing life adversities from your spiritual inner Self.

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