Improve Myself: When you Seek for Self-Growth and Building Self-Esteem

When you say to yourself from truth and from within that, ‘I need to improve myself,’ you are taking action in your mind for a continuous journey for learning. Personal transformation as well as self-esteem and confidence can be improved.

Yes, you can begin to ‘Rock On.’

We make essential changes to improve our self-esteem through our action taking behavior pattern in order to achieve our full potential.

When you can begin letting go of, rather than analyzing, wrong-minded ego-based thoughts and perceptions, you will also help your mind get through personal transformation, and onto how to having self-confidence.

As you read on, consider what the Course in Miracles asks us through one of its many spiritual metaphysical principles for a better life: “Do you like what you have made?—a world of murder and attack, through which you thread your timid way through constant dangers alone and frightened, hoping at most that death will wait a little longer before it overtakes you and you disappear.”

Try to see where the negative ego-based thoughts come from, but do not judge them.

Thus one starts to entertain these wrong-minded ego-based ‘doubting Thomas’ thoughts of self-doubt and poorly-constructive thoughts, when one feels a lack of self-confidence.

We become lonely and feel little and separate.

When we are at this low point of lacking self-confidence in our life, we seem to not know what to do next.

With the corresponding questioning going on inside you for how to build your self-esteem, it becomes the right-minded state of mind for allowing time to realize that contentment and self-confidence are already in you.

You just need to uncover the Light in you and not allowing any longer for the darkened thought system of the ego to take charge.  

You must let go of regret of the past and fear of the future which is the ego’s air it breathes.

On the other hand, when we say, I need to improve myself, we start taking little mindful steps to get rid of what we do not want.

We start learning from the light within how to have self-confidence and how to build self-esteem.

So when you are battling against the thoughts of, I must improve myself, what makes us fearful in life we seem to face head on, without fear, when guided by our inner Light.

Does this make sense?

I hope so!

If we cannot fight our individual fears, then head on facing them will overcome them.

(Here’s more about how to control fear and anxiety with 10 spiritually minded steps for a better life and self-worth.) 

Self-discipline for self-growth when you say, I need to improve myself, is also of great magnitude in personal transformation.

One should build and balance their motivation to keep them in the mood for self-development and inner as well as outer growth.

It all starts on the inside, and then reflected into your material world.

This blog article is meant to open your mind to the spirit in you that has no answering to the ego in you, and is why I encourage mindfulness meditation.

Breathing meditation, other reflection practices, as well as yoga spirit and yoga healing are great avenues I suggest you look into, if you have not already.

So, when you say, ‘I believe I must improve myself,’ it is your inner divine Light telling you to how “holy you are” and to “accept that truth,” and, to get started on the life you want.

The Course in Miracles states, “The holy do not interfere with truth. They are not afraid of it, for it is within the truth they recognize their holiness, and rejoice at what they see.”

Self-confidence and self-esteem are uncovered from within.

In other words, you already have both, but it’s the darkened thought of the ego-based mind that is limiting you.

This, of course, restricts you from portraying your potential in the material world.

So, again, when you are thinking, I need to improve myself, it is in letting go of the ego’s fear and doubt, which will clear the way of what has been obscuring your inner best.  

This is the most important factor in learning how to escape your inner prison cell and be free of personal limitations and imperfections.

(This brother/sister article leads you to being a better leader with a richer life through yoga and mindfulness meditation techniques.)  

To opening up to self-confidence, 

James Nussbaumer

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