Inner Freedom is always Yours-A Course in Miracles

Inner freedom I know now is always with me—thanks to A Course in Miracles.

How to gain spiritual power is nothing you can achieve, but it is something you can uncover within yourself.

It is not in our free will to be imprisoned, and of course I can literally vouch for that.  Our true free will is all about inner freedom. 

This is why the ego-that doubting, fearful, and judgmental aspect in us, is against free will, and believes inner freedom requires sacrifice and hard work. 

The Holy Spirit’s lesson to us is that our will and God’s Will cannot be out of accord, because they are one. 

How could it be possible that the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of God, and God Himself, be separate? 

Therefore, if you are of God, how can you be separate too?  This acceptance is how to gain spiritual power. Yes, it’s by knowing and understanding you already have it.  How simple can this be?

As A Course in Miracles teaches us…The ego tries to teach us that as a sinner we have a desire to oppose God’s Will, and makes us think that God’s Will is for the weak, or for those who have trouble in life. 

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What is it we are usually thinking about, or what occurrences seem to come about when we hear someone say, “It must be God’s Will, so let it be done”? 

But when someone writes a book and it sells millions of copies around the globe, and is translated into many different languages, and the result is that it touches and changes many lives for the good, what is said then? 

Do we hear comments that suggest this must be the work of the Holy Spirit? 

Usually not, but sometimes, yes.  Most often people will be skeptical or critical, and this has been the case with A Course in Miracles

The comments range from “This is unbelievable” to a whole line of armchair negative critics who focus only on the amount of money from sales of the book. 

ACIM is distributed by the not-for-profit organization called The Foundation for Inner Peace. 

And guess what?  The Holy Spirit has the thought system that knows that the negative critics are necessary, so the material—three books or the condensed version—gets the exposure needed.

The late Helen Schucman, a Columbia University professor and an atheist who was conservative in theory, in 1965 at age fifty-six, received an instructional voice, beginning a ten-year process of transcribing the 1,200-page spiritual teaching called A Course in Miracles.

She only took credit for transcribing the words and never claimed authorship—but she did declare the voice to belong to Jesus. 

I find the core message to be both intriguing and intensifying in me–and that core message is about the real meaning of forgiveness that has helped millions of people worldwide to release fear and find greater love in their lives—and still remains a mystery to many.

The core message of A Course in Miracles helps us understand why we live in a world of fear and doubt and constantly judging others. This is the miracle and not some magic we normally wish to see as miracles.

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A Course in Miracles, or, simply the Course, as it is called by many, does not aim to replace the Bible, nor is it a cult, for that would require an idol. 

For myself and countless others, the Course has opened my mind to a point that I now have clear, ego-free understanding of both Old and New Testament writings. 

I get more from scripture now, thanks to not having to wonder how to gain spiritual power. 

Involving oneself with A Course in Miracles as I have gives one an indispensable personal companion that takes one on a powerful yet often misunderstood spiritual path.  

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