Intimate Feelings – the Science of Sexual Attraction Finding Fulfillment in Life

Everyone has at one time or another experienced real intimate feelings that were so real it seemed out of this world.

What we would call a sense of being transported beyond oneself can be said as the science of sexual attraction.

It may be also said it’s the same state of mind of finding fulfillment in life where things seem to be going your way.

Whether it is through an event in sports, music, reading, writing, intimate conversation, and, yes, even in sex; there’s deep connection with the divine Self.

If you will consider what this transportation entails, you will realize that it is a sudden unawareness of your body.

It becomes part of you as you unite with it.

For however brief this moment lasts, regardless of its duration of time, you sense not a single thought of separateness; only awe.

Both separateness and awe are thought, and thought is what you are.

Which of these are you?

(In a previous article we explored sexual physical attraction; and when both are using one another to feel worthy and any real power of sex just doesn’t exist.) 

Let’s look at setting fantasy aside for real sexual intimate feelings.

What is really occurring in this holy instant, as the Course in Miracles terms, is that you have given up the illusion of a limited awareness in these instants.

Likewise, have let go totally of your fears of union with your Source.

You have realized oneness and accepted its awe. You have, in that instant, accepted the Thought of your realness as it is connected with eternity; the universe.

The Course in Miracles states in a spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “How long is an instant? As long as it takes to to re-establish perfect sanity, perfect peace and perfect love for everyone, for God and for yourself.”

The love that instantly replaces your fears extends to what has freed you, and unites with it. While this lasts, you are absolutely certain of your Identity.

Likewise, you have a feeling that you are not limited by this Truth about you.

What has happened, you have escaped from the prison of your body which has given you the fears, and you have stepped through the threshold to inner peace.

You’re asking no questions of reality and simply accept it.

You have let go of the guilt of having false ideas of yourself; certainly so with real and true intimate feelings.

I mean, you have allowed yourself to be one with “That” which is beyond your body and behind the projected images portrayed on the projection screen of life.

The addictive sexual attraction is an illusion, and the illusion itself is the fantasy. Illusion cannot go beyond itself because it is nothing to begin with.

Individuals who are attracted to the illusion of the addiction, addicts, if you will, are repelled by those individuals who are whole and who have only few fears.

She/he cannot find in them what she/he needs, weakness, upon which they can prey on.

Every addictive sexual interaction, including addictive sexual interactions between long time married partners, is motivated. Yes, by the need to experience even briefly, power, worthiness, and self-value.

The need for self-worth, self-value, and self-appreciation makes up the sexual attraction and the fantasies that accompany it.

The sexual attraction is powerful, but what lies beneath it is the important issue. Focusing on an addictive sexual attraction, by indulging it or resisting it, avoids the issue.

The issue is the pain of fear calling for attention. Until they are attended to, sexual compulsions remain.

True intimate feelings will never arise to fantasy.

But keep in mind the sexual attraction itself is never to another person. It is an attraction to a projected image you made of another person.

That is why it’s illusory.

You project that he or she is attracted to you, because you believe you have admirable qualities that you also project of yourself.

You then fantasize that the person to whom you are attracted puts you on a pedestal, and you feel good on it.

None of this is real.

The person to whom you are attracted, holds you in no more esteem than you hold of him or her.

In the next section, let’s you and I look at letting go of any limits you have.

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Let Your Limits Melt Away giving Room for Real Intimate Feelings

Sexual addiction is the most pervasive addiction in human experience.

Every impulse to satisfy a craving through exploitation of another individual is generated by a deeper and more potent craving.

It is the craving to live a fulfilling life of meaning, passion and purpose. The frustration of this craving is the origin of the pain of fear.

An individual who lives a fulfilling and meaningful life is not tormented by fears and vulnerabilities. She/he has no need to defend herself or to criticize another.

He/she does not require the admiration of others, nor does he have the need to admire others.

This opens the door for true intimate feelings.

His and her creativity are always in the present moment and always finding fulfillment in life.

It’s the holy instant they live in, if you will, as the Course in Miracles deeply teaches us.

He is excited by his life and his potential, not fearful of it. All that she says and does is appropriate.

His days are filled with the joy of being fulfilled, even when difficult experiences occur. His nights are restful and refreshing as well as hers.

This is the experience of living through the right-mind where the Holy Spirit abides and instructs.

Although, still of the separated thought that is caught up in the dream of form, the right-mind senses a purpose, an urging to be whole.

This is authentic power.

This power is something the ego-based mind is skeptical over; simply because the ego in we humans only is aware of fear and doubt, and, fantasy.

It is a power that gives you the gift of loving sexual intimacy in a different and wonderful dynamic.

Here’s what this gift is about, which we may say is the science of sexual attraction in all truth:

It expresses care and appreciation, and never concerned about fantasy. The excitement of truly intimate feelings are of true Reality.

This is a mutual giving, not a mutual taking. It is an arena in which real individuals nurture each other, rather than, exploit each other.

Both individuals are unique in their histories, aptitudes, struggles, errors made, and joys. Each knows one another and care for each other.

They empathize. Both are truly interested in each other. They have physical attraction signs that deepen and enrich their spiritual intimacy.

These individuals laugh with each other. They pay attention to what each other feels. They are committed to growing together.

Their sexual interactions are sacred to them and they are sacred to each other. This is how they express life.

They live together and enjoy each other through their expressions, instead of their projections.

These individuals naturally join together in the interaction without reservation, because they love it; and would be one with it.

They rush to meet it, letting their limits melt away. Both let go of the laws of illusion the body made and wishes to obey.

They’ve lovingly with gentleness set them aside.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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