Life without Purpose and Passion bothering You? Consider Consciousness

Why do so many people not only these days, but throughout generations continue to live life without purpose?

Many people do not realize the power of passion and purpose as what links us to the power of the universe.

Just as well, far too many world citizens never experience being aligned to universal consciousness that is real.

So what is real consciousness, I mean from beyond the human form?

I hope to stimulate universal consciousness–divine Thought in you, if you’re feeling a life without purpose?

Today I see that truth has moved to the front of my mind, and always will.

I remember sitting there in that stinking cell, moving quickly to the depths of my mind. I didn’t realize I was touching real consciousness.

It seemed I had a life without purpose, and here, didn’t realize how deep I was going.

For the most part, honoring the body is only a minor step in answering that one question much of the world struggles with.

Often I believe this is what brought these words from my mind through the pen and onto the paper.

Something to assist in an area I seemed to be stuck would appear in my mind.

There is not a single doubt in my mind it was divinely intended that my life’s journey be greeted by the universe breaking through.

I stumbled into the publication that would open my mind and set me free: A Course in Miracles.

With the help of time I began healing from notions of a life without purpose.

These teachings of inner peace have answered my lifelong questions to the mystery of all that exists.

Of course, while proving to me the truth about real forgiveness.

Surely this is a question for us to absorb, but more so, it is merely a statement of the truth about ourselves.

For we are the Light of the world, and this Brightness is universal consciousness.

You are the Light of the world, and the light emanates from your Source, which is the Creator of all that is real.

Still, even, today I see that real consciousness has moved to the front of my mind. I believe this change, both subtle and drastic, had much to do with my survival.

I mean, for those of you who know my story, since I ‘d been stripped of my world.

Or maybe my dignity. As I write these words now, I have nothing in this world other than who I am.

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I describe in this ever-developing book series, which is not going away, some of my experiences of prison life.

But many of them with those thoughts of life without purpose, I’ll never mention to anyone.

Sure, only because uncovering your passion is what really matters.

I began an inward journey that tells me it will continue, because it’s taking me where I must go.

And I can tell you the same process is available to you, regardless of your circumstances.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us: 

  • “Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes.”

As I’d already mentioned, but in a different way, I remember sitting there in that stinking prison cell going deep within myself.

I see this as universal consciousness, moving quickly to the depths of my mind, to override human consciousness.

Like I’d said, without realizing how deep I was going.

The experience of learning to let go of the thoughts of life without purpose was definitely Divine.

I guess, I mean, more than just what I ‘d been cautioned it might be; many would say shock.

When I wouldn’t answer any of their questions, I heard one guard telling another guard that I must be in shock.

It was that feeling of being cradled and told everything would be okay.

It was as if I were being waved on inside of me to join in. Of course, I still had to go deeper where something was waiting to greet me.

The sensation was encouraging and mysterious.

It was like, as though whatever was waiting had been hidden away for all those years of my life.

Much of the world lives by a thought system that teaches us that our body should be regarded as our temple.

For the most part, honoring the body is only a minor step in answering that one question much of the world struggles with.

Our temple is not a structure at all, such as a building or our body. Every temple has its altar where holiness abides; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a temple.

Deep within that structure of life is where our altar sits; and is where we realize we absolutely do not have a life without purpose.

It is at this altar where we heal for the thoughts of having a life without purpose. 

I wrote this book series I hope to lead you to, entirely in longhand from behind bars in an overcrowded, overbearing, and obnoxiously over-loud prison environment.

It was, where inmates live in one another’s faces all night and all day long. Often I believe this is what brought these words from my mind through the pen and onto the paper.

I write solely by myself, with helpful suggestions from a Oneness of which we all are a part.

AHH, yes, real Consciousness!

Writing for me has kept me busy each day, and at times I would lose sleep at night. Yes, from prison, anxiously waiting to pick up where I left off the day before.

Each day I received as a gift, phrases and words that I could not seem to find the previous day.

I would often wake up in the middle of the night, and think: That’s it:

A sentence that was needed to complete a metaphor or a paragraph to help explain an idea.

Something to assist in an area I seemed to be stuck would appear in my mind.

I was sad, too, because I could not get my material yet to mature beyond the handwritten stage.

The sadness was where my human thoughts were at the time. 

Famous author Eckhart Tolle states: “A large part of many people’s lives is consumed by an obsessive preoccupation with things.”

So, then, breaking through my sadness and despair something happened.

It was from my real consciousness I had a knowledge that having to hand write these books would not stop me from being passionate about life.

I mean that with those rules in prison stating no computer usage whatsoever in this backwoods prison system wouldn’t hold me back in life.

My only other resource was not really a resource at all, but was available if I wished to stand in line to use the ancient, poor-quality prison typewriter.

But, even so, I was finding purpose in life. 

This was a feeling like not being able to send your cherished kid to college. You know, a kid who desperately desired to change the world.

Regardless, my words did mature into book form, handwritten into a growing pile of journals.

As the journals sat in the bottom of my footlocker, that same Voice encouraged me to keep writing.

Final Note on Finding your Passion and Purpose:

If you’re feeling you have a life without purpose let’s start by honoring that essence about you that’s beyond the body, where your passion for living is.

So I here I am today, knowing from within that thoughts of a life without purpose is only from human consciousness.

Of, course, not from real universal consciousness.

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To the life you’ve always wanted,

James Nussbaumer

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