Mind and Thoughts Reaching Others by the Psychology of Forgiveness

While this is primarily an article on mind and thoughts as in change your thoughts change your life, understanding real forgiveness is a part of this.

But before we may reach others at the deepest levels mindfully we must realize what forgiveness is not.

Much of the personal development practices has actually recommended that forgiving someone does not imply you try to shadow guilt on that person who wronged you.

Real forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that you must continue a relationship and accepting everything is fine.

The real forgiveness I mean is where you are mindfully able to overlook those errors based on fear and doubt.

I mean the fear and doubt that is the foundation of the ego in all of we humans.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “When we look at the ego, then, we are not considering dynamics but delusions. You can surely regard a delusional system without fear, for it cannot have any effects if its source is not real.” 

Once you’ve overlooked the errors you look beyond to the oneness of mind somewhere deep in you both that has you connected.

This is why mind and thoughts in the psychology of forgiveness is powerful for a better life.

All this “overlooking by looking beyond” is the thought control you have on forgiveness.

I’m saying that, by not understanding the psychology of forgiveness can have destructive effects.

But on the other hand, with a healthy mindful realization here can make your life better by how you reach others.

Remember, the Holy Spirit–the power of the Universe within us all, interprets our bodies in the dream of life.

Also as I deeply discuss in my ever-developing book series, means for use in communicating to us.

This is how the power of the Universal Inspiration guides us out of the erroneous zone of separation.

But the ego uses the body to continue making us think that we will always be separate from God. The ego uses the idea of separation for its survival.

Reaching Others through Mind and Thought

The Holy Spirit as the deepest Inspiration within us, will communicate to, and, reach others by your extension of thoughts.

He extends mind and thoughts as reality, or, Heaven, through you. Likewise, uses the body to do this while you continue to dream of time, space, and form.

In the fragrance of the bouquet of flowers you marveled over you were reaching inward Self. It was the essence within you that opened up your physical senses to experience that awe.

Of course, you will not perceive other bodies as the Holy Spirit knows them to be. That’s only because you still and will remain to have an ego-based hold on you as long as you are here as a body.

However, the level or degree of that hold is up to your own willingness to look beyond it and see Truth.

Ah, yes, self-forgiveness!

But keep in mind that because of this ego-based hold or arrest, on the entire human race, you like myself, there’s more.

It’s that we were not taught by the world to regard bodies solely as a means for joining. I mean for reaching others through mind and thoughts.

Again, I mean, as in, your mind and thoughts with others, and uniting them.

In fact, ego-based instructions will tell you this is a ridiculous notion of fantasy. But you may want to ask the ego in yourself one quick question.

Is there any truth in that your body will eventually turn to dust? The ego cannot stand that thought.

But this fear and doubt aspect in you will agree with this fact based on its projections. However, in the real world your real mind and thoughts knows of no such dust.

But you will find that the Holy Spirit has a solid interpretation of how your body helps in changing your mind about its value.

Yes, certainly a healthy dream. This is why I urge you to take care of your body, and to change your thoughts to change your life.

Therefore, it is harmful to your real mind and thoughts if you use your body for attack.

But if you use the body only to reach the minds of those who believe they are bodies, you will understand the thought control you are capable of.

Yes, the power of the mind that is in you.

You’ll discover that using your mind to reach someone can never be of any harm. That’s because, you cannot do so unless it is of Truth.

It can’t be some fantasy charade.

Illusions and falsehoods can only communicate physically with other egos. As well, this form of communication gradually fades away which is why it never lasts.

Consider, that relationship you made mostly for the good sex, or for the money. Seriously, how long did it last?

Remember, the reason the Holy Spirit does not see the body as you do, is because He doesn’t have ego eyes.

He only has the knowledge of the reality that concerns your true free will. This is so because it is the same as God’s.

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Next, let’s look at why your real inward thoughts that have no fear and doubt is where real knowledge is uncovered. 

On Forgiveness as the Bridge

We’ve discussed in book 1 of the series, The Master of Everything, that the Holy Spirit builds a bridge for us. It’s from perception over to knowledge.

Knowledge is what ends the thought of separation, one thought at a time.

The Holy Spirit will guide you by using forgiveness as the bridge to ending your separated thought process.

This makes sense, because just like a bridge, forgiveness “overlooks by looking beyond” that which makes delay.

This forgiving sense of mind and thoughts in each of us shows each other how to overlook our errors by looking beyond it. This is what forgiveness is. It’s simple yet loving.

Is this a sort of self-denial?

Only the ego would like to think so!

To look beyond ego-based thought is your acknowledgement that there is more to an individual. Likewise, more including yourself, too, that rests behind what appears to be a body.

Of course mind and thoughts of beyond the body is something the ego can never grasp.

You have tremendous power through forgiveness to see the body as beautiful or ugly, peaceful or angry.

Also, helpful or harmful, depending on how you choose to see is a result of the thought system you are placing your trust in.

By using Truth as your thought system, you will not be alone in experiencing the effects of your mind and thoughts. It’s because you are alone in nothing.

Everything you think you see, or say, or do, teaches the universe, as your thoughts extend.

This is what real holiness is.

It’s the truth in you that is your thought control is shared with others.

It doesn’t take a special set of clothing to by holy, or special rituals. But, it does require your real thoughts, and your own naturalness that puts people at ease when they are around you.

The naturalness in each one of us is the proof of our holiness.

By using your natural extension is how you get what you truly want, and not what you wish for.

You are able to get it because you already have it.

Is this an arrogant stance?

Again, yes, but only to the ego, where it constantly works at covering its eyes to the truth. It’s blinding.

It truly is in your power to cause every mind to notice their oneness along with you, without fancy talk.

Just choose to be your true Self at-one with your Creator, and not separate.

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To the power of your thoughts,

James Nussbaumer

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