I’m Not Good Enough: How Often have we All Thought We’d Lost Out?

I’m not good enough is a wrong-minded notion that has haunted all of us at one time or another.


In this ‘What’s on my mind brief’ we answer: What if I’m not good enough to have high charisma?

After the a past article I’d written, I realized some of you might be thinking you’re not good enough.

I mean, to have incredible loads of charisma in your lives.

All our lives we are constantly told we’re not good enough for anything.

Yes, it feels as if the whole world is against us and everyone is just pushing us down.

We can’t be blamed for feeling like we’re not good enough to have what we want.


Do you think you’re not good enough to have the kind of charisma which will make EVERYTHING in life just line up for you?

Think again.

I’ve been writing and studying long enough to know the one golden rule of people, in general.

And this is:

“Nobody really cares how good you are, as long as you’re fun and interesting to work with”.

Initially, this seemed like total nonsense when I got started with the notion of: I’m not good enough.

Yes, you need to be “good” at what you do… but not at a “master level”.

You see…

One of my mentors would always beat it into my head that I had to be a genuinely likable person to get people to enjoy working with me and do me favors.

I’m not good enough, is what I would think!

Makes sense when you really think about it.

Nobody wants to be friends and work with someone always in, “Doom and gloom.”

Until I understood this golden rule, I kept trying to “force” myself to be better at what I do.

Hoping my nonstop efforts would open the doors I was so desperate to open.

And then one day, I just said “screw it”… and decided to just be the REAL me and actually have some fun.

Yes, I mean to write my books and articles from my inner-most core!

Wow and it is exciting, too!

And lo behold… everything just changed.

My readers LOVED me, even if there were better… more experienced people they could work with.

When I changed my attitude and unleashed my inner charismatic self people just opened up to me.

Now, it was NEVER to the level of the mentor I mentioned in a previous article.

As a result, it WAS just enough to make me understand the importance having a good influence.

Oh, my, yes, and a powerful sense of presence in your life which practically attracts respect and success.

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Imagine being so charismatic your lover can’t help but feel LUCKY to be with you… and eyes you as if you’re the incredible catch they got.

So, still feeling like, I’m not good enough?

Imagine having so much respect from your kids they look up to you as a legend. Sure, and resulting in them being hung on your every word.

Imagine a life where opportunities just appear out of thin air for you.

Promotions, work opportunities… partnerships…

And all by people truly willing to work with you because THEY GENUINELY LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

As well, cannot stand the idea of NOT working with you.

Trust me… the looks of envy on your friend’s faces as you climb the corporate ladder without any hidden crap.

You know, or corporate personality lies that leave you stitches.

The look of awe in your lover’s eyes when you come back from work each day and it’s like they’re falling in love.

Yes, with you for the first time all over again would be worth it.

I tell you this, right now… this is not a stretch of the imagination by any means.

This is all very much possible.

Right now in fact.

Final Note for Healing when Feeling in the Dumps:

It is best, always, to be seeking content you can relate to for a better life.

So take these tools for thought today when feeling, “I’m not good enough to have the life I truly want” with high charisma, happiness, and a wonderful love life…

I dare say if you’re willing…

You could have this power by next week, (or tomorrow if you’re that flexible in your thinking).

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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