The Miracle is Yours when You Feel It’s Time to Turn Your Life Around Quickly

Think the Miracle when you say, “I Need to Change my Life Around.”

The power of our thoughts is the miracle waiting on the power of decision to take place. 

The power is within you and you never need to state, I need a miracle from God right now.

The miracle, and not magic, is always at your disposal.

It starts with our decision. We have the power of miracle-mindedness.

The miracle for a better life requires taking action.  

It takes only an instant, perhaps a short minute, or a few more, to begin creating what you want and then reflecting it into your external world. It’s how you may easily live your life.

That’s all it takes to use the power of choice for ways to change your life, or to turn your life around completely.

The Course in Miracles teaches that:

  • “The power of joined right-minded thoughts is the miracle.”

The bottom line is:

Follow this strategy and you’ll discover if you want to have a better life in a better world, be that better world, through the miracle and turning your life around.

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The Miracle–A Matter Of Moving Forward in Life

As often times as I’ve altered residences, moved from one state to another, even moved from nation to country, I’ve been filled with a mixture of apprehension and enjoyment.

For much of us, just moving from day to day, month to month or year to year creates a subtle enjoyment.

Yes, or a similar stress and anxiety. It does not matter whether we move in time or we move in area, there is one consistent– change.

It seems a contradiction to say that the only permanent thing we experience in our every day lives is modification. However personal transformation is what it’s all about.

The procedure of growing from a child into a teenager and after that into a grownup is the miracle itself. I mean, one that’s continuously filled with modifications and moving forward in life.

There is an urge composed deep within us.

I’m saying, in our very human genetics and spirit, to change and grow and end up being the best we can.

Often the desire is buried under loads of day-to-day concerns. Or in the delights and bliss of the moment, however it is there.

Many of us fear personal transformation because we are afraid of the unknown.

My old good friend, Eckhart Tolle, taught me that it is not the unknown we should be afraid of, but, rather, the known.

The unidentified is what will become the called-for, so to speak, we pour our hearts.

As a result, our minds either accept or reject it.

I go deeper and state we ought to not fear either the recognized or the unidentified.

Whatever appears to be taking place to us now, whatever the future appears to hold for us, we should keep in mind that we have the power to alter it.

Yes, of course, whatever in our lives by a simple stroke of genius. Sure, changing the way we look at things and, more crucial, changing the manner we feel about things.

Truth is actually the analysis of a point of view. If we do not like what seems to be our lot in life, we have but to change it.

It’s all in the manner look at our life and we’ll change outcomes. I do not understand why or how this takes place.

It’s not magic but is the miracle in our power.

However this I know, throughout the centuries, the sages of all cultures have actually stated: “Change your mind and you alter your world.”

For all of us, the arrival of a new year is simply always around the corner. It is a good time to review the occasions of the past year without dwelling on them.

It is a much better time to look forward into the newness of your growth as a spirit in this world.

The laws of the natural divine Intellect within us is the universe and might appear complex. But I have the feeling that is due to the fact that we tend to wish to analyze those laws and figure why they work.

I believe it is far better to practice those laws for our advantage and the good of all people.

This is an idea and belief world. Whatever we think, if our relationship issues or financial matters align with it highly enough, it will end up being part and parcel of our lives.

A few of you might say to me something like: “James, I read your books about this and that’s all well and good, but it’s hard to change your thoughts and your beliefs.”

I concur totally.

Personal Transformation is life challenging, however it’s basic.

Recognize that you are NOT your thoughts. You just THINK your thoughts. They are yours and if they are yours, you can do with them whatever you desire.

Sometimes we let our thoughts scare us far too much. 

And as to your beliefs, all you need to do is examine them and ask yourself why you think what you believe.

You may be impressed to find that your beliefs have held you captive all these years. Possibly those beliefs were needed at one time. But you might have outgrown them.

Analyze what you believe about money, health or relationships and ask yourself why you believe that.

Change your beliefs about the world and circumstances and you’ll alter your thoughts about life. Certainly, and how it works.

If you struggle with absence, start changing your belief about money into abundance and affluence.

Look at your beliefs about health and change them into health and well-being if you are experiencing illness. And if you have poor, or non-existent relationships, alter your beliefs into those of feeling self-worth and confidence.

Life is a process of change and this transformation is what brings us progress.

Welcome change and the unidentified.

Let every day be the start of a new adventure. Go into the new week, the new year with a brand-new you.

Remember that you are a beautiful being of the Creation and the Universe will take excellent care of you if you believe, trust and expect.

If we do not like what seems to be our lot in life, we have but to alter the way we look at our life and we’ll change results. 

Life is a process of change. Modification is what brings us progress. Welcome change and the unidentified.

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Next, let’s look at your attitude and mindset for wonderful change.

With the Miracle an Attitude Change is so Important

You may have heard it stated prior to that an attitude modification is easy. All you need to do is change whatever about yourself. As crazy as it seems, it’s the fact.

A change in your mindset and attitude will eventually include everything about you. It’s simple and yet, the truth that you have to keep at it day after day is what makes it only seem a heavy task.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “It is your voice to which you listen as your Creator speaks to you.”

An attitude modification or fast change needs a long term perseverance that couple of people have. That’s what makes it the most significant life change you will ever make.

Attitude changes normally take place when something monumental occurs in a person’s life. You know, that all of a sudden makes them see everything differently.

They begin to change their look on life in this world and to approach life from a brand-new viewpoint which is truly crucial.

An attitude change can take place simply because you choose that you desire to make yourself into a much better individual. As well, you are set-in-stone, so to speak, to make that take place.

A most important thought process for bringing forth a wonderful mindset is trust.

I mean trust is necessary for personal transformation.

This miracle-minded individual heals quickly from disaster or near-death experience; and is the simple fact that a person surrenders the notion of being fed up with the life.

Maybe it was just a little thing that went wrong in their life. However it was somehow the the saving grace, if you will, and now they are prepared to actually move forward in life.

Take it from me, James Nussbaumer, if you know my story!

How do they get serious about this plan and make themselves really adhere to the new changes that they have in mind on their own? What do they need to do to really make this mindset transform a reality?

One of the finest ways to really make your attitude modification stick is to sign up with a mindfulness group.

Likewise, make a dedication to go to that group a number of times a week in order to remind yourself about the life improvements you are trying to make.

Other people can do wonders for your mindset and make you stick to the promises you have made for yourself. Sure,  just because you feel more support from other people when you sign up with a group.

The miracle of modification takes place because you make a dedication to make good friends.

Of course so, with some brand-new individuals who are trying to do the very same thing as you are attempting to do; i.e. move forward in life!

It will be difficult to change your attitude without support.

If you are serious about personal development and self-growth, you will make a dedication to seek things out.

There are thousands of groups out there and you can discover one that fits the interests you have to make a change.

That’s what makes it the greatest moving on in life commitment you will ever make.

Remember, one of the best methods to truly make your mindset grow in a Heavenly manner is to find group setting you are comfortable with.

Final Word on the Miracle being on Your Side:

The first thought you have about making life changes sets the miracle in motion.

Think the Miracle when you say, “I Need to Change my Life because that’s how your thoughts design the new dream where you transform your life.

If you are major about making a mindset change in yourself, you will do so. 

That’s because it is of your true free will.

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To a life of happiness and success,

James Nussbaumer

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