Not Feeling Like Myself: Tools for Turning Your Life Around if in the Dumps

‘Not Feeling Like Myself,’ Certainly can be Turned Around by Power of Visualization Techniques

You are not alone if you’re ‘not feeling like myself’, at that threshold of in the dumps, or anger and frustration. 

Maybe you’re with thoughts of, “My life sucks,” or screaming inside, I really hate my life.

Perhaps you have those thoughts over, what to do when you hate your life?

Likewise, it has tightened its grip on you when you barely raise your head saying: I’m just not feeling like myself.

The Law of Attraction has worked wonderfully for those who once thought, I really hate my life.

This power of reflection–a universe attraction principle has helped many people do more than turn their life around.

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As a result, also for those who looked for how to gain financial freedom, improve their love life, overcome relationship issues and much more.

A reflective mindset is of the habits of successful people I’ve ran into. I’ve also found is how successful people grow.

It is how highly effective people rise above those sensations of, not feeling like myself.

It has assisted lots of people with a scarcity mindset to experience fuller lives through much better relationships.

This power of reflection can likewise have an extensive effect on your body.

Think initially how when you say, I really hate my life; the Laws of Universe work to get you out of being in the dumps.

You are made up of energy from thoughts and perceptions. As well, the energy you send out is either wrong-minded or right-minded.

It’s either that fear and doubt of the ego-based mind holding you back in life, or the real Spirit about your real Self leading an exciting path.

A Course in Miracles teaches us a wonderful lesson:

  • “You are the dreamer of your life dream, that means you chose the journey and the characters in the dream.”

Doesn’t that make sense when in the dumps and need change?

ACIM is teaching us that we are in control of which path we travel on.

Again, don’t you agree?

This notion of not feeling like myself will depend upon whether you concentrate on the good things in life or the bad.

This will not only impact others, however it will impact you. 

By following this strategy and you’ll see why instead of focusing on how your life sucks, you will want to focus on bringing more upbeat things into your life.

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Next up, let’s look at the reflective power you hold within you.

When Not Feeling Like Myself Change Your Life by Your Inner Power

A handful of easy ways to bring more peace and consistency to your life!

When you alter your ideas, you alter your life. The fastest way to accomplish peace and consistency is to change your thinking.

In order to alter your external world you should initially alter your inner world.

To “alter” should be looked at as to “transform.”

Your thoughts determine your behavior; and when you alter your idea patterns, you will be transforming your behavioral patterns, too.

Changing your habits will transform your journey and the course of your life.

The Course in Miracles gives us this helpful lesson:

  • I am a problem solver. I focus on solutions and always find the best solution and is why I embrace change and easily adjust myself to new situations. (See more on your true free will here🙂 

Here are the few easy ways to achieve peace and consistency:

  • Not Feeling Like Myself, then yes, observe your internal chatter.

If you find your ideas are unfavorable or restricting, stop and change those ideas with positive ones.

The ancient Tao Te Ching as well teaches us that: Your internal chatter is either a poor or happy projection to the instructions your life is headed.

Meditation is an excellent way to clear that unfavorable chatter. As a result will assist you in changing your idea procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness meditation only taking a few minutes a day, I suggest this meditation technique.

  • State What You Mean, and Mean What You Say.

Healthy interaction is a crucial element in keeping peace and harmony in your life. Good interaction removes being misconstrued, and avoids difficult scenarios.

Stating what you suggest not just provides you a sense of peace, you likewise make the regard from others when they know you are true to your word.

So when not feeling like myself instead of complaining while wounded after an unfavorable circumstance, think about how you can change it into a favorable one.

If your thoughts are negative and victimizing, you will draw in exactly that into your life. What are your thoughts drawing in?

  • Practice Guided Visualization.

This technique involves sitting comfortably, and listening to or watching a video or audio from a mentor.

You know, the type of thing that guides you through a relaxing situation. The setting is calm, serene, and serene enabling your body and mind to connect.

You can develop what you imagine, and with the help of your subconscious mind, the possibilities are endless!

Your choices are reliant on your ideas that precede it. How can you make a wise choice if your ideas are jumbled and unorganized?

  • Start Transforming Your Life Right Now!

Sure, and see how quick you can turn your life around.

Thoughts are powerful, after all, everything ever developed begun with an idea. You are creating your tomorrow with the thoughts you have today.

Taking control of your thoughts will provide you a sense of stability, Surely as a result,  with that stability brings peace and harmony.

When you change your thoughts, you alter your life.

Your thoughts determine your behavior, and when you change your thought patterns, you will be altering your behavioral patterns.

If you discover your thoughts are negative or limiting, stop and change those thoughts with favorable ones.

Again, I’ll say but in a different way, when not feeling like myself mindfulness meditation is great.

It is a path to clear that storm going on in your mind, and assist you in changing your idea process.

Thoughts are effective, after all, everything ever created started with a thought.

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Next, in this final section we want to explore changing your mind about how you look at your life. 

If Not Feeling Like Myself I Will Change My Mind about the World

Oh, my, yes, and better things begin to arrive onto the scene! 

“When you change your thoughts about your life for the better you have created a miracle.” Wayne W. Dyer

Change has a really negative connotation for a lot of people.

As soon as we can conveniently deal with and “understand” all the “unknowns” we can “unwind”.

That’s because your anxious system and your mind is developed to discover and connect a significance(s) to whatever. Therefore something brand-new is always a conflict between that which is and that which will be in your mind.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us that:

The unidentified is always something that your mind and your nervous system has to “unravel” afresh. Yes, and this extremely process feels unpleasant on many levels.

When something ends up being comfy you get hooked on it as you get rid of all the “unknowns”.

Of course so, and your automatic behavior of not feeling like myself fades away!

Our nerve system works primarily by conditioning and by repeating we discover and presume patterns that are consistent.

This system is actually there to serve us in assisting us being more effective and to be able to do more, more efficiently.

Your mind is developed to constantly search the reflect the very best way. Of course, it’s the power of reflection.

Through repetition we find out particular orders and sequences in which things happen and we learn to acknowledge and react according to these sequences.

Every feeling you experience, for instance, is absolutely nothing however the result of a series of occasions.

Then, responses triggered by your unconscious awareness. Sure, and that creates the real sensation which is nothing but a sensation in your nervous system.

To transform anything you must first of all be inwardly aware of these patterns.

You rather literally would have to tweak your mind in that you have to change the way you perceive yourself and your life.

Doing things in a different way will feel uncomfortable at initially. However you can rest ensured that the “uneasy” will become “comfortable” as you begin to form new associations and brand-new patterns of association.

The process of making the “unpleasant” comfortable or making the “unidentified” known is the way we grow as people.

What you are comfortable with represents your inward zone which includes all the experiences that you can easily handle. If you do not expand this “zone” then you simply won’t broaden yourself as a person.

Does that make sense? I hope so!

The need to grow and become more as a person, is a deep emotional requirement that all humans have. Without growth you simply won’t enjoy.

All development, although it feels uneasy in the minute constantly feels tremendously fulfilling in the long term and it is this feeling that we all really crave for; the feeling that we call “excellent”.

You can do something that feels comfortable and “great” in the minute by sticking with what you understand. On the other hand, real life fulfillment comes from pressing beyond your protective mode zone and developing a sense of Grandeur in yourself.

Development means change.

Certainly it does, and modification involves danger and risk is the process of stepping from the known to the unidentified.

The reality is that all of life is constantly in a procedure of change. Absolutely nothing ever stays the same. It is the nature of all of life, including you.

Even if you ignore doing anything life will still change. For you to advance, you have to choose to consciously start and create the change.

You have to consciously put yourself in the uneasy place where you can grow and, as you do this you advance. Progress is by choice while change is automated.

To be in control of your life you have to consciously exercise your power of choice to change. Thereby, to keep altering yourself to become the person you wish to be.


All change begins with a personal transformation of mind.

In doing exactly that you believe with self-confidence and you immediately change your perception, and as a result the way you feel about it.

When you change the manner you look at life you change your behavior and that is how you progress.

You rather actually would have to alter your mind in that you have to alter the way you perceive yourself and your life.

To be in control of your life you have to knowingly choose to transform or align to your true free will.

All change begins with a change of heart, so to speak, about the world you live in.

In changing your mind about how you picture the world you instantly change your inner-awareness.

I mean, as a result the fashion in which you lead your life while in this world.

Final Thought for Not Feeling Like Myself:

As soon as we can optimistically deal with HAVING A BETTER LIFE and “understand truly” what to do when you hate your life, miraculous changes can take place.

Remember, when you align to your true heart you alter your behavior; and that is how you progress.

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To success in life and love,

James Nussbaumer

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