Power Thoughts of the Universe that Lead your Journey in Life with Love

Your growth oriented power thoughts pass along from your innermost truest Essence to the physical body.

Let’s consider this miracle occurring for what you need to begin any new life journey.

If you sow seeds in a rich and fertile soil and pay close attention to required watering you’ll see miraculous wonderful growth.

These power thoughts as well may pass to various other minds. Sure, as a result, those individuals seem to appear with love being extended along your new life journey.

The power of positive thoughts, like well-nurtured seeds, have an all-natural propensity. Yes, I mean to show up and also expand the love and happiness in your life.

As we move along keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “What you project or extend is up to you, but you must do one or the other, for that is a law of mind, and you must look in before you look out. As you look in, you choose the guide for seeing.”

How these Power Thoughts Lead You to Knowledge

The Holy Spirit–your inner Divine Guide, or we may say your God Essence, for how you extend yourself certainly uses time.

I’m saying He will use time to lead you by power thoughts.

It is these well intended, but still of some ego projection influence, thoughts and perceptions, over the bridge He has built for you to knowledge.

This is where you experience one-mindedness, which is all there truly is, and of course is of God.

Yes, true knowledge rather than analytical intelligence is one-mindedness, and there can be no other.

Try to see the Holy Spirit of our all loving Creator as His Extension–which is you, I, everyone, in a one-minded sense.

This Essence, or Spirit, that is extended, if you will, is the Power of the Universe.

So if you feel more comfortable just use Power of the Universe as a substitute. I use traditional terms to help save on the confusion.

More on Power Thoughts that Enhance your New Journey in Life

For example, consider when you place your face in the heart of a bouquet of beautiful flowers. In that lovely fragrance, is there a wrong and a right side to it?

Isn’t that fragrance that resembles love an extension of this Divine Power? Agree?

If I confused you, I did so intentionally. The point is, there is no right way or wrong way to the fragrance of that beautiful batch of roses and carnations.

There is only one gorgeous and elegant gift in its smell without questioning it, or dissecting it for acceptance. It is pure unmistakable knowledge.

No adjustments are made to real knowledge. But you may ask wouldn’t the fragrance of the flowers simply be a “neutral thought”?

No, because any neutrality must be between two or more. One-mindedness is all there is. There is nothing to be neutral over.

But the ego-based mind built on fear and doubt we as humans possess may wish to get technical here. That’s because it feels threatened with any thought of true One-mindedness.

You may be inclined to say that the brain processed the smell, which is one of the five senses. Likewise, the eyes, too, did see the beauty in the bouquet.

But a blind person wouldn’t have. Regardless, though, I do realize a point is made in that the body’s sense is what processed the fragrance. Right?

You are correct that your body did discover this lovely gift.

Your ego can be proud of this feat. However, there is one question the ego is too afraid and intimidated to be confronted with.

What is it that sends the message, or, we may say, the extension of the fragrance to the brain?

But do yourself a right-minded favor and don’t think too much about this. It’s not worth the effort in making an analytical project over it.

Your brain is a body part and that is all it is.

You can always consult with a scientist or a psychiatrist if you wish to learn about all the technical and medical data in analyzing the brain.

With your own thoughts there are no neutral things in this world.

I mean, such as all that you face daily in your survival to be all that you can be, as a good hearted and true natured individual.

But what you do see is witnesses, which are projections as images, to what you think about.

If you do not think, then you could not exist.

Life is a power thought and is what created you.

The world you see is a representation of your own state of mind.

If you become alert to this or already are, then you can have awareness that your state of mind can be changed.

This awareness is a combination of power thoughts along with negative projections going on in your mind.

That’s because they are thoughts and are seeking desperately for change to something real.

But it is still of the physical, because emphasis is on the body and is why it’s still ego-based.

However, your awareness here does mean well, and the Holy Spirit will take over and lead you to knowledge. This is where He will use time on your behalf.

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “When you want only love you will see nothing else.”

With these positive, well intended, extending notions, you begin shifting over to a knowing that the world can change, too.

The Holy Spirit will do all of the interpreting for you, and at a speed that is based on your readiness level.

This “Godspeed” pace may change faster or slower, always depending on how the Holy Spirit uses time. Yes, for certain and particular circumstances not only involving you.

You may have already noticed something when things are moving along at a brilliant pace. It’s when something happens only to interrupt and slow things down a bit.

(In this other related article we discuss: how to go within yourself to create a great life on the journey to living at full potential.) 

Let’s consider the next section, I hope to hit home with you on how to truly know the power of the universe.

In this sense of power thoughts, don’t worry. It’s all for a good cause, and is a real one. 

Knowing the Real Universe

By now you should be seeing that true extension is what the Holy Spirit will continue to nurture. As well when necessary constantly make correction easily.

In this your wrong-minded projections where problems arise can gradually, with the use of time, fade away.

These problems may not have a resolution overnight, or ever for that matter. But they can be released to the Holy Spirit by simply letting go.

By this I am not speaking of running away from problems.

But am suggesting that you “let go” of the wrong and worrisome, frustrated thinking; of course, by asking the Holy Spirit that. “He show you what to do next”.

This is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation if you have not already. This practice takes you within where you can ask and listen for answers.

I like to use this few minute meditation practice daily which I just love for getting me to a creative state of mind.

The power thoughts extended to you in the Creation will never lead you to settling for littleness in yourself.

When you see littleness in yourself, you will see the same in others.

But if you can’t come to know yourself truly as the same oneness, or as part of their spirit, you will cut yourself off. I mean you will delay yours, as well as, their chances of awakening to Truth.

By knowing who you are is your salvation, which the ego has never taught you about. Likewise, does to its unreal justified cause.

Or, let’s say it’s a fantasy cause which only gives hope to the ego’s survival. Consider how often we’ve heard this statement: “If only I could find myself.”

If you don’t let go of what truly does not suit you, then the ego will help you to improve on “that.” Sure by using some form of fear and doubt attack in order that you may gain something.

We’re never alone in experiencing the effects of our own power thoughts, and they are not private.

Even the erroneous projected thought being separated from God had to be shared by a part of the whole mind of creation, to form further projections that built the world you see.

Yet, in that sharing it was a sharing of nothing real except an erroneous, projection of  thought.

Yes, an error in thought is all it was.

I mean a stray thought as we said earlier, but in a different way. We can also call upon real power thoughts that share everything with everyone.

As your real power thoughts of the world dawn on you, your vision of the world will change. And, which, in turn, changes your life.

Your new vision will have you living in a world you want, instead of fantasy.

Wishful thinking leads only to the conflict of striving for achievement of something that’s not available to you.

(Here’s another related article about: what only seems like a lifetime striving to go live your dream life, you may now today manifest your desires.) 

To success in your life journey,

James Nussbaumer

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