Reduce Anxiety Now in an Instant and begin Manifesting the Life You Want

If you’re wanting to reduce anxiety now and release all that stress and frustration today, then consider my story here:

First, let me say that, perhaps you deal with anxiousness frequently sufficient that you require prompt alleviation.

What I mean is, you attempt to the adhering to stress and anxiety, but your approaches are not working.

Millions upon millions of individuals simply like you battle with stress and anxiety everyday.

Likewise are looking for methods to discover alleviation.

There are methods that many successful others use to battle anxiousness that can be incorporated right into your day-to-day life.

You’ve been, let’s say, so frustrated and anxious, where part of you suddenly stops yourself.

I mean only for a moment, ever so briefly, and urges you to “slow it down,” and then, asks you “what’s the hurry?”

Have you ever wondered why you need to figure out how to reduce anxiety?

Well, don’t haunt yourself any longer on how to get over anxiety, but do hear what I’m saying.

You may have experienced these thoughts, yet you continue to repeat yourself.

Yes, being aware in the back of your mind that you really don’t prefer this feeling.

We’re all guilty of this at times, some people more often than others.

So much, where it leads us to conflict and the unnecessary stress that goes with it.

Ever since I’ve been serious about reading and studying, along with practicing the principles contained in A Course in Miracles, I’ve learned so much.

I mean in a psychological manner how the Holy Spirit is certainly a part of who I am.

The Holy Spirit is a term ACIM uses as your inner Divine Guide helping you journey through this world.

He, my Guide, the Holy Spirit of God, is within me, and in you, too.

My inner Guide constantly communicates between the levels in me and my Source of love and life.

He, or, use the term She if you’d prefer, is continually and constantly undoing and reversing my errors.

I’m able to witness this first hand, and this of itself is enough for me to reduce anxiety now.

I have seen anxiousness and frustration released and cleared away instantly with my asking.

Not always as fast as I’d like.

But disparity and depressed types of attitudes have dissolved, as well, when I’ve wanted them to pass.

However, only in time would these ill feelings, of, again, dealing with how to reduce anxiety now re-occur.

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During one night in bed when I sat up a few questions rang in my head.

Why am I so anxious and where can it possibly lead me, other than to further anxiousness?

And, why must I continually ask to reduce anxiety now?

Then I would think to myself about all of this confusion of how to reduce anxiety now.

Is it hitting me like this to teach me something?

Next, in an instant a calm voice of my own likeness, a thought in my head, suddenly began giving me the answers.

I received answers for how to get over anxiety that felt comfortable and soothing.

No wishful thinking involved here.

I look at this particular night as one of the more astonishing revelations I could ever have had to this point in my life.

I laid my head back down for a few minutes before getting up so that these answers may digest. Then, which they did willingly.

It was from that night on I was able to wake up every day bustling with liveliness and vigor. I mean to tackle each day motivated, confident and happy.

I was amazed at how true, yet how simple it all was. This profoundness left me feeling glad.

It was nothing exciting, just secure and glad.

The inner Guide I rely on each day told me to “relax and that God does not know of anxiousness and frustration.

Since you are of Him,” my inner Guide whispered, “Neither do you.” My Guide added as an urging, “You only think you get frustrated and anxious.”


Often as humans we wrongly-perceive a situation, things, and events. This becomes a wish to see things as they really are not, only bringing on more frustration.

When this anxiousness and stress enters, just ask that your inner Divine Guide enter as well.

As you move along in life with you goals and dreams consider this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “This invitation is accepted immediately, and the Holy Spirit wastes no time in introducing the practical results of asking Him to enter. At once His goal replaces yours.”

Exactly what you believe when things go wrong figures out whether you learn from the situation.

Or do you get filled with stress and anxiety when facing challenges in life?

Why not shift that energy to a thought process where you begin manifesting the life you want to live?

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To living a fulfilled life,

James Nussbaumer

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