Mind Secrets Exposed Review: Will it help Get the Life You Want?

The monthly newsletter, known as Success Monthly, is another highlight of Mind Secrets Exposed. The coaching program is a great addition and supplement to the book itself, adding a more constant and immediate guide for readers who want to accomplish their goals and get the life you want. Well, that’s not quite true. There are […]

The Power of the Mind and Thoughts for Ridding Self-Limiting Beliefs

How highly effective individuals grow is through a reflective state that accesses the power of the mind and thoughts. It means connecting with your reflective higher-self. Yes, and learning that the power of your thoughts operate by overriding self-limiting beliefs. In very much the exact same method, we may say, as tuning into a frequency […]

Finding Your Passion in Life and Get the Life You Want

To begin finding your passion in life means not being afraid to tap into your creative powers. To be lost and with no passion in life would be costly, and one that would deny your spirit its will to extend. I have long felt that if we could enter a career the way we enter […]

Feeling Lost and Confused in Life Overcome by Self-Forgiveness

Much of the world often will endure periods of feeling lost and confused in life. It might be upon graduating from college, and perhaps even after landing the job you thought you always wanted. Or, it might be broken relationship struggles.  Some are still not sure what to do with life even upon financial success, […]

Abundance Mindset for Loving Relationships and Finding Happiness

Any holy relationship certainly is loving, and we are open to it from an abundance mindset which is a creation blessed with every holy instant—a term the Course in Miracles uses for the now. Bringing forth the abundance within you brings the relationship together, resulting in many others joining the Atonement.  How so? you ask.  […]