Discovering Your Purpose in Life and Igniting Your Full Potential

Are you like many people who have trouble discovering your purpose in life? Are you not answering to your true calling? Perhaps you often ask yourself things like: what is the point of life, or what’s my purpose in life? We certainly don’t want others telling us what our purpose in life is, so we must, will, […]

Real Love and the Meaning of Life Giving You a Life of Purpose

What is real love and the meaning of life? This may just be one of the most profound questions of our time as we contemplate the conceptual confusion of infinite eternity?  Couldn’t we say that the extension of God is eternity, and as the Beatles said, “God is real love?” A Course in Miracles teaches […]

Inner Vision and Being Spiritually Alive for Life of Purpose

Inner vision and its power you are capable of is one of the topics people who go through spiritual development like to share with others. It helps keep us spiritually alive by extending ourselves and leading a life of purpose.   They have a thought system that can overlook ego-based chatter by going beyond it, […]

Spiritual Awakening as Energy Healing for Life of Purpose

Spiritual awakening answers the aged old question, “What is the point of life.” Sometimes there’s a lot of energy healing to it, which is enlightenment to what many people call a kundalini spiritual awakening. Sometimes, a spiritual awakening is an inner knowing, a clarity, if you will, for life of purpose about something or some […]