Terrified of Death – Fear of Dying Phobia Easily Overcome by Purpose and Passion

Being terrified of death usually means you are not letting go of what you don’t want while in this world. You are supposed to experience your heart’s desires becoming your reality, and living a life of purpose and passion.

As you learn to take charge of your life, the better you will be at overcoming fear of death.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “God is not the author of fear. You are.”

Being terrified of death is the fear of dying or of dead things. There is nothing we can do about death, it is inevitable, and as such the fear of death phobia is of no value to us.

There are lots of types of fear of death anxieties and more fears, but being terrified of death is especially troublesome to millions of people worldwide.

Fear of death anxiety has actually been dealt with successfully in the past and you have the ability to overcome your stress and anxieties over being terrified of death.

The only reasonable worry associated to death would be to the fear of death anxiety from such things we can prevent, such as lions, tigers, or war.

Just don’t go near wild animals, and as far war goes, well, I believe we’re working on that.

Undoing the Fear of Dying Phobia

We can prepare and make strategies to prevent such things that give us stress and lend a fear of dying phobia, to increase the time we have left on this world.

We should live out each day free from the fear of dying, but still plan to avoid the aspects that we can manage.

This risk avoidance helps us to prepare and make plans so that we are not presently in any danger.

This can be attained by discovering ways, for example, to swim to help avoid drowning (which obviously is a cause of death) and to make or more prepare to discover how to avoid or reduce other dangers.

Another example of this responsibility to ourselves would be to naturally buckle our seat belt while driving to reduce the risk of injury or death if we are associated with a mishap.

Death is a natural part of life, and we should bear in mind that all things will die one day. We can prepare ourselves spiritually for death.

This can be formal such being involved with your church, or temple, or as basic as mindfulness meditation techniques, and just by being a person filled with self-confidence.

Letting Go of Fear of Death Anxiety

When we approach death, it is likewise rather common to have regrets.

We can do numerous things aside from just worrying and being filled with fear of death anxiety, and to reduce the discomfort of our family and friends when that day comes.

Paying our bills, making sure we have insurance coverage to cover our final expenses and funeral service, preparing our funeral service in advance, these are all things that will lower the stress and anxiety of others.

Often when we act responsible out of love it is soothing.

To easily overcome being terrified of death, each day we can implement ideas to make our life more meaningful and give us a sense of purpose and passion, that brings forth miracles while we’re here in this world.

The Course in Miracles states, “You are not at peace because you are not fulfilling your function.”

Try to see life in this world as a journey which we are in control of, we are part of this world, however it is not our real home.

But while we’re here we may learn to reflect the calm and bliss of Heaven into this world, giving us a life of success, and is how everyday miracles are manifested.

This is why I urge you to seek out mindfulness meditation techniques.

No Reason to Fear Dying

Try to see that we resemble adventurers just travelling through the world as part of our journey through eternity. 

By accepting eternity as all there truly is will give you no reason to fear dying.

This is how many of the most successful people who ever passed through this world have programmed themselves to think.

Taking advantage of each day is the very best thing you can do to obtain the most out of your life and to feel at peace with yourself.

Stop stressing and begin living!

Life is ever-so brief, and tomorrow need not have fears and doubts, so maximize every day, take time to smell the roses, to extend your love, and have no worry of death.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us to have, “Faith, belief, and vision.”

Remember, we all deserve to live great lives. You deserve to be able to see where you’ve made some errors and to undo them and go forward from here with a much better life.

Start right now in this instant, and see the many years ahead of you filled with a life of purpose and passion—a life that truly matters to you!

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To undoing the fear of dying,

James Nussbaumer

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