Understanding Mind Body and Spirit is Realizing Who You are in Truth

Can we more easily from a spark of inner light begin understanding mind body and spirit and experience our inner power?

Your life of purpose and passion is influenced by your realization of divine inner Self; and is how successful people grow.

Personal transformation and creating our life at will, implies that our wellness comes from our naturalness.

To be healthy and balanced we should take note of our nature and those sensations that urge us to live a better life.

As you absorb this article for its help to your life situation, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical lesson from the Course in Miracles:

  • Listen and hear an inner voice saying: I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful, and to whoever can follow my guidance through you.

In this article I want to share a brief parabal, if you will, to help truly begin understanding mind body and spirit.

In a remote realm of perfection, the kingdom was suddenly bereft.

There ruled a just and all-loving monarch who had wonderful children. As well, they lived in happiness together as a loving family.

One day the father called to his eldest child with something extremely important to say.

“The time has come, my dear son,” he announced, “to complete what has suddenly left our kingdom wanting.

I am sending you away, an infinite distance, to another land. You shall find and seek and bring back the precious sparkling Jewel.”

The son traveled in disguise to this strange land, whose inhabitants almost all lived in darkness.

Such was the effect of this place that the child lost touch with himself. He was wandering around in a daze as if only partially awake.

From time to time he saw phantoms, and similitudes of his homeland and of the light of the Jewel.

But such was his condition that these things only increased the degree of his daydreaming.

It was which he now accepted as his reality.

When news of his son’s plight reached the king, he sent word to the son by a trusted messenger.

It was a Guide, who possessed a wise spirit blessed by the King. The Guide located and approached the son.

With this message the son roused himself, and with the help of the Guide. The son dared to face the monstrous perils that surrounded the Jewel.

By the miraculous powers within the Jewel, the son easily returned to his realm. Likewise, to remain in increased peace and happiness forevermore.

You have these miraculous powers of the Jewel deep within yourself. Sure, as do we all, and it is a treasure of incalculable value.

Because the power and strength of the Jewel is within, you are that bright enlightened Jewel.

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What Actually Is Personal Transformation Anyway?

Idries Shah, the foremost contemporary exponent of Sufism, was once asked to name a “fundamental mistake” that most individuals make.

Well, and his response sparked my thinking about my own personal transformation to true Reality.

He answered that, “Our errors rest in the fact that we think we are alive. But, when we really have fallen asleep in life’s waiting room.”

And this, which is the illusion most of mankind is influenced by.

Also let this principle from the Course in Miracles sink in:

  • “Many are called but few are chosen, should be… “All are called but few choose to listen.”

In a similar discussion for understanding mind body and spirit, here’s something else to look at.

I mean, about man’s destiny, a Zen master added this:

“It is the ordinary state of consciousness we call ‘waking’ that is so far from our seeing things as they truly are, that it could more accurately be called ‘sleep’ or ‘dreaming’.”

How do you really know that you’re awake right now? Could it be because the world tells us, “Of course you are awake.”

You may say you remember waking up from your last night’s sleep.

That may merely have been a “false awakening.” Yes, and you might be fooling yourself now by actually being in a dream that is telling you it’s not a dream.

Perhaps what we take to be “true awakenings” are just another degree of false or partial awakenings.

Once more, to begin understanding mind body and spirit now, try to really ask yourself this question:

Am I really awake?

A part of you says that this is a ridiculous thought.

To even ask sincerely whether or not you’re really awake requires honest doubt.

Of course,  a willingness to accept “no” for an answer, even if the amount of doubt and willingness is tiny.

Or is there an urging inside of you that is asking this?

Please move on now, and as you do, seriously ask yourself about all of this again, and then again. How might we not be fully awake?

If this is so, could it be that we possess a higher sense? You know, such as a type of intuition?

Perhaps, let’s say that ordinarily remains asleep, when our lesser, though better-accepted senses are awake?

This is the case in what is called “lucid dreaming!”

It’s where part of us is consciously awake while another part of the mind dreams while asleep.

Or could we just call us expert dreamers to more clearly start understanding mind body and spirit?

It’s through the dream eyes of your dream body that you normally witness the events of the dream.

The dream body is usually who we think we are while dreaming. Certainly, and this seems an obvious conclusion.

The dream character is merely a representation of ourselves. Or we can call this the dream ego which is built on fear and doubt.

I’m saying, as the actor of the dream.

The point of view of the dream ego is that of a willing participant.

This fear, doubt, judgement and the like, apparently contained within a multidimensional world (the dream).

Yes, much as you probably experience your existence at this moment. Perhaps, while you think and read about this possibility.

That may merely have been a “false awakening,” and you might be fooling yourself now by actually being in a dream that is telling you it’s not a dream.

This is the case in what is called “lucid dreaming,” and may help you with the idea of understanding mind body and spirit.

Again, where part of us is consciously awake while another part of the mind dreams while asleep.

All kidding aside– and please take my comment lightly– notice that even in your own dreams there is usually a character present whom the sleeper, you, takes to be yourself.

It’s through the dreamer in you where you are understanding mind body and spirit.

Meaning that you normally witness the events of the dream.

The dream body is usually who we think we are while dreaming, and this seems an obvious conclusion.

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To truly knowing your inner power,

James Nussbaumer

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