Can’t Sleep? What You Gonna Do?

If you can’t sleep tonight and came across my blog I invite you to often repeat the words in a prescribed daily exercise. 

I discuss at great lengths in my book Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, and the words to the prayer or meditation, if you prefer is: “There is another way of looking at the world.”

Consider this statement from A Course in Miracles: “The world you see is based on sacrifice of oneness.”

Since Biblical times we seem to have built through projection and assumption a world based on sacrifice, and we take pride in this. 

Before I continue, I wish to make it perfectly clear that I am a true believer in what the Bible can teach us. 

It may quite often come across to you that I contradict the Bible based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles

My only contradiction, however, is in the way the ego has interpreted scripture based on its concrete thinking, interpretations created and perpetuated by this fragmented ego-based thought pattern for centuries that can’t sleep at night. 

What do we project?

This is why we paint pictures of God being an old man with a white beard, wearing a white robe, raising a staff in his hand to make lightning strike. 

This type of image adds to our illusory thought process, reinforcing illusory interpretations that broaden as time goes on, making them into fairy tales, so to speak.

We can learn to see the real world more often, in a more naturally abstract way, which will allow truth to become more natural and for us to be at more peace within; thus sleeping well at night.

Yes, no more, can’t sleep? 

Try these words in meditation or prayer that I have taken from the Course in Miracles workbook. Use these words as you breathe in and exhale:

  • God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

That’s it. Keep it simple, and understand that throughout your day and even at night while you sleep, you will continue to the theme of happiness.

Then on another day use these words, and alternate both exercises as you wish:

  • God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him. If His Will for me is perfect happiness, then He must want me to sleep well at night.

(But also note, feel free to substitute ‘sleeping well’ for another problem you may be experiencing and are stuck.)

To Let Go

All we have to do is “let go.”  What you may see in the abstract will, of course, be different than what I see, but not separate. 

Truth is what we naturally are, and what we naturally are cannot be made. But when you tap into the real power of who you are amazing things begin occurring.

It is what it is. 

Nothing changes who and what we are, not even sacrifice.  In fact, sacrifice can actually cover the truth within us. And why we can’t sleep.

(By the way, revert back to, for seeing why staying calm under pressure, perhaps if you can’t sleep, when all hell breaks loose is so important.)

For example, the concrete often sees sacrifice as a necessary means to gain something, or to forgive someone. 

The thinking always seems to be “If we pray long and hard for hours, we will surely deserve a spot in Heaven,” or “I deserve to have a beautiful home; after all, I did work my fingers to the bone,” or “I am going to go out of my way to forgive her.” 

The ego mind and its antics

The ego continually repeats these stories, insisting that this “sacrifice” is what God wants from us. The way to success, even when you can’t sleep, is to undo the ego mind, let it go, by only reflecting on what you want in life.

It’s how successful people grow, and is of the habits of successful people everywhere.

This is why I encourage mindfulness training for staying calm and cool when you feel chaos is approaching, and more, and an article with more on that here…  

But such ego-based beliefs merely lead to the trap of increased separation and continued loss and grief by the fragmenting of our already split-mind. 

This causes us more and more disunity and total lack of joining. 

Just take a serious look at how different religions have different ways of “guaranteeing” you your salvation, if you will only sacrifice “this” in order to gain “that.” 

Even in areas outside of religion, how many of us are not suitable for “this” group or “that” group because of concrete ideas?

This is the disunity I am talking about; but we continue to think in concrete terms, and we are taught that the abstract is something “far out,” when really it is “far in,” as inside. 

Once again, the concrete sees Heaven as a place in the clouds with streets of gold and St. Peter standing guard to decipher the good from the bad. 

Someplace you “go.” 

This is concrete thinking.  Is this “far out” or “far-fetched”?  “You can find out for yourself,” the concrete tells us, “if you sacrifice.”

And then, you can’t sleep.

Just be true to your abstract Self and be at peace within. And you’ll sleep well at night.

Learn how to overcome dealing with loss and grief by allowing your inner Self to lead the way. 

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