God is Always with Me: Course in Miracles

I have often contemplated, as I’m sure you may have, too, what it really means that God is always with us.

Consider that if each day, we pay attention deeply sufficient as to how our inner Self talks to us concerning points that are occurring in our everyday lives, and in throughout the world around us.

By realizing the power of the mind you become in touch with your own divinity!

In some cases it appears God is always with us and is remarkable exactly how straight this inner Essence talks to us concerning exactly what has actually been occurring everywhere and in our lives.

And this is why I encourage mindfulness training for meditation and spirituality. Many people use such practices as yoga spirit for all-around vibrant health and well-being.

I’ve written a related article showing how many are experiencing weight-loss with such practices.

We can easily understand that when it is said that God is always with us, it literally means physically “everywhere you go.” 

This is why for the time being you are occupying this framework of flesh and bones. 

However, once communication has been established by the use of your body, you indeed go places without your body. 

How many times, when an important decision was needed, did you remember something that an old friend or family member once said? 

Or have you ever been thinking of someone when the telephone rang unexpectedly, only to be that person, or a letter or email showed up that day? 

The response we have when this happens seems to always be, “Oh my God, I was just thinking about you!”

Do you as a child of God, and not meaning of flesh and bones, abide everywhere? 

Of course you do, and this is because the Christ Mind—God’s whole Son personalized that you are a part of is everywhere. 

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If you are a bit confused here about what it means when we say, ‘God be with me,’ and as to how you can be everywhere, you may still have too much attachment to the body, or ego. 

Try to think of yourself this way: When you turn to dust, meaning of course, your body, where are you then? 

This will make more sense to you in time, which the Holy Spirit is using at this moment for this very purpose.

The Course in Miracles teaches us, “The mind that thinks it is a body is split, is where healing is needed.”  

This occurs naturally, of course. 

Regardless of what the ego tells us when we ask, ‘can God heal me,’ our abstract thoughts—which means God is always with us, are naturally a part of the power of healing. 

Can we say the abstract is our REAL imagination? Where God is always with us?…Yes, of course!

So go ahead, enter the abstract, have these type of thoughts, and without guilt.  Our concrete thought process—which is about the material world, only cracks apart with time. 

Our process, or journey, as the Christ Mind accepts the Holy Spirit’s remedies for healing, the power of healing, and builds the bridge that crosses over the gaps or splits of concrete perception to knowledge. 

Nothing that preaches, or ceremonies themselves, can make the Christ in you manifest. 

You must announce to yourself with healing words that healing is needed, and those who also know Christ—and are aware of the abstract, will acknowledge this in you, thus helping the healing process. 

The others will gradually learn to see themselves through you, and will gradually know Christ in their own selves.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “God is not separate from us; He is the love inside us.”

He creates His miracles through the Christ that we all are, using the Holy Spirit as the communicator within this realm, where He uses cause and effect to bridge the gap, sending love on its way. 

All of this takes place within the Christ Mind, at-one with God, Who is the Maestro of this one magnificent symphony orchestra.

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