Get Your Life Back on Track Now When You’re Lost Over What To Do Next

You might be like people all over the world, including myself at one time, where you want to get your life back.

I mean, to control your life so life challenges never get the best of you.

Initially, for now, consider if you have ever truly asked your inner awareness, what to do next.

What is asking within you really mean when you desperately need to control your life and be in the driver’s seat?

When that lost feeling of how to get your life back slides, we have a few alternatives:

  • To go within and ask for guidance, and listen for the answer where inner healing begins.
  • Or, if you’re more advanced on how the power of the universe works, totally release or let go of what has you imprisoned.

Let’s dive into this thought provoking metaphysical article to help you more clearly understand something.

That would be, your spiritual consciousness as being who you are.

Yes, and doing the driving on your journey in this world. As well, your body enjoying the ride.

Does how to get your life back after a hard fall suggest having the appropriate equilibrium spirit and body?

Or is it extra concerning having the ability to control your life with your true power of choice?

What to do next when up against a life challenge is specified in different ways by the individual.

Likewise, from time to time, we may allow that adverse situation to control us. Or, we may lovingly let spirit handle the details with the right answers. 

Let’s Accelerate Your Thinking when Longing to Control your Life!

The making of the physical universe, the projection or movie film, so to speak, was a split.

I am saying, or another of many divisions of the mind, which was during the separation of thought from our Source.

Scientists like to call this the “Big Bang”, another projection of images.

This separate division projected itself to be an almost infinite number of splits. It was, where each fragment seemed to be special in its own design.

The world of uniqueness.

As long as you believe in the reality of this physical universe, you will always believe that you are separate from God.

With this thought system you will find terribly agonizing and difficult to get your life back after a hard fall.

Your mind will always be stuck on yourself as being a body and will never get over the fear of death.

If you still find this idea of your body as being nothing but a projected image, a “hard pill to swallow”, then try to put some thought into one question that keeps popping up.

Why do you continue to fear death?

I’m going to help you here to accelerate your thinking when you are up against the wall on how to get your life back.

All of this makes you feel guilty, and is why thinking that you are special eases the pain. As well, is a temporary escape from fear, supposedly.

When we hear or see about someone as the sixteen years old, Scotsman, Brian, (In a related article here) who rescued his brother in a rough sea, we want to see him as special.

There was nothing at all special about young Brian.

However, he did have the knowledge that he was intended to participate in that rescue effort, regardless of outcome.

Where does our knowledge of such a thing come from when we need to know what to do next?

The only answer can be your real mind.

Yes, the Holy Spirit, and certainly not the ego.

Keep in mind that A Course in Miracles states: 

  • “The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you can see the results of His Presence, and through them you will learn that He is there.

A dream is only a thought.

Therefore, in that context everything you see in the dream from time to time since your birth, till the instant of your body’s death, is all one single thought.

Yes, of the many separated thoughts we have from God. You as a part of humanity have chosen to split apart in the form of images in a dream.

And by understanding this in a metaphysical sense you learn quickly how to listen for the answer on: what to do next?

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “What the Holy Spirit enables you to do is clearly not of this world, for miracles violate every law of reality as this world judges it.

Even in joining, there is still separation in this world. Look at the love-hate drama in some families between family members.

To bring this about the ego with a foundation of guilt, fear and doubt makes you feel special when you join.

But do we not have special loves as well as special hates?

The ego makes love selective, rather than, all-encompassing. This cannot be real love. But it will pass for it when we feel someone is special.

Just as well, that they may make us feel special. Everyone who dreams their way into this world sees as a body from the beginning, and a special body, indeed.

Thoughts are molded toward the possibility of being a victim and of victimization in general.

The result becomes the unaware projections of your fears and guilt, which the separation placed in your brain (ego).

All of what you call your secret fears and hidden hates, which you have about yourself, are seen by your brain. And, which is another projection.

The fact that you are experiencing an unreal dream projection from your own forgotten mind is completely shut off from your true awareness.

Other individuals and outside events, which are your brain’s misguided and guilty actions, are what you perceive to be fearful situations called your life.

It is the image figures in the dream, shadows if you will, and what you project them to do that makes the dream.

The real self behind the dream of guilt, fear and doubt along with specialness, and beyond death has an illusive power.

This would be, it is able to make them act out for you, and you haven’t realized this. You have been allowing the ego to control the projections.

This is why the Holy Spirit whispers truth to you about your next move.

It’s about you controlling your life by projecting the images you want, for happiness, love, and success, etc…

With this now understood, let me ask you a simple question.

Where will your life on this planet take you now, if you will begin realizing all of this?

(This other related article helps when we’re in the dark and not sure what to do with life because of a confused heart, I have found healing readily available.) 

To your spiritual consciousness,

James Nussbaumer

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