Human Problems Facing the World Today Healed by a Shift in Level of Perception

Here I do not imply to state that it’s our level of perception about human problems facing the world today that we should reject.

What I mean is, those assumptions, we may say, holding you hostage from your dreams, absolutely need healed!

Or else inconsistent concept of perception than that of your own heart, depends on what is perceived; and so you live your life accordingly to what IS NOT of your True Free Will..

Much of the problems facing the world today are because we don’t honor another’s point of view.

When we’re not living our real dream, but being caught up by the world’s view of things, we stay bound and chained.

It emphasizes aggravation of those individuals driven to their own self-preserved bias.

I mean, despite exactly how tough you attempt to encourage to see things in a different light.

You may also want to consider the video below on overcoming your own problems facing the world today; and making the shift.

Changing Your Mind about Human Problems

Years ago, in a small fishing village in Scotland, an event took place that lives on. Yes, in the memory of those who recall a special boy who taught the world about heroism.

Because the entire village revolved around the fishing industry, a volunteer rescue team stood by in cases of emergency.

First, as you absorb this article for its value, consider this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “Complexity is not of God. How could it be, when all He knows is one? He knows of one creation, one reality, one truth and but one Son (Child). Nothing conflicts with oneness. How then could there be complexity in Him?”

Let’s continue with the story…

One night the winds raged, the clouds burst, and a gale force storm capsized a fishing boat at sea. Stranded and in trouble, the crew sent message for help.

The rescue team was needed.

The captain of the rescue team assembled a rowboat team, and sounded the alarm. It was then the villagers filled the town square which overlooked the bay.

While the team prepared their rowboat and considered the way over the wild waves, the villagers prepared restlessly on the beach.

They were holding lanterns to light the way back.

A special emergency ceremony was conducted by the local Bishop. As well, he blessed the men just as the rowboat was about to be launched from the shore.

  • As the Fog Faded Love began Prevailing

Two long hours later, the rescue boat reappeared through the fog, and cheering villagers ran to greet them.

Falling exhausted on the beach, the volunteers reported that the rescue boat could not hold any more passengers. They had no choice but to leave one behind.

Even one more passenger would have surely capsized the rescue boat and all of them would have been lost.

Frantically the captain called for a fresh volunteer team to go back out there after the lone survivor. Sixteen year old Brian stepped forward.

His mother grabbed his arm, pleading her boy not to go.

“Please son”, she cried. “Don’t do it, don’t go. Your father died at sea ten years ago, and your older brother, Paul, has been missing for a full week now. You are all I have left. Please, son.”

Young Brian replied, “Mother, I must go. I have a feeling I should go. I just know they need my help.”

Brian kissed his mother and joined the team, and they disappeared into the foggy night.

An hour had passed, which seemed to Brian’s mother like an eternity. An impatience behind many human problems.

Finally, the rescue boat darted through the fog with Brian standing up in the bow.

Cupping his hands, from the shore the Bishop yelled out. “Did you find the lost man?”

Barely able to contain himself emotionally young Brian excitedly yelled back, “Yes, yes, we did. We have him with us, tell my mother it’s my older brother, Paul!”

Then, the sun shined heavily over the bay and shoreline!

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  • Shifting our Perception to Heal Human Problems

Consider what you see with your body’s eyes.

Likewise, what dreaming your separated mind processes as thought are your projections. I’m saying, onto the movie screen called your life.

It is a script that has been already written by your separated self which makes the dream. Then you act it out in a performance called “your world.”

You dream it first and then project the images. It has been set up this way by your ego-based mind to convince you of the uniqueness and reality of the human body.

This validates the ego’s entire separated thought system about human problems.

A Course in Miracles further gives us this to take into our right-minded perception:

  • “There is a borderland of thought that stands between this world and Heaven. It is not a place, and when you reach it is apart from time. Here is the meeting place where thoughts are brought back together…”

This is why the ego, which you made, built on fear and doubt, is always trying to make you believe that God made the world you see.

The Holy Spirit understands all of this, and will guide you through illusion after illusion.

Certainly, safely as He feels necessary for the purpose of your own awakening, as well as, for that of others.

I mean, where you’ll once and for all realize the real world behind the dream. This is where Brian’s true knowledge came from.

A sensation told him that he must go.

In the next section, let’s go a little deeper about the concept of perception.

And, too, how what is perceived is great, if you’re concerned about problems facing the world today. 

What’s the Proof on Level of Perception and Human Problems?

Remember, the ego can only understand the physical and material world. It’s why for the most part you are still having trouble with this notion of the “dream.”

This is why we continue to fear God while also considering Him to be an “alleged” cause of our existence.

I say, “alleged,” cause, only for this reason:

Aren’t we so concerned with discovering some kind of evidence to hang onto where our Divinity is concerned?

Are we not really striving to have some proof of an “after-world,” or God Himself?

  • But no one has ever actually seen God.

We’re told He is there.

How about those who have said they’ve seen “images” of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and various Saints. Too, other Holy people from the past.

But, “images”?

Imagine that, always a bodily image.

I do not doubt one bit that sightings such as in Fatima of the Virgin Mary were indeed seen. These projections are real projected images.

In our search for God we feel that we must bless and spiritualize bodies. Jesus had done this, so it is said.

But could it have been His way of teaching those who had such an ingrained wrong-minded level of perception”.

But also had a willingness to make a shift over to a more right-minded perception?

Likewise, this was a starting point with Jesus in His methods of teaching us to heal human problems?

  • We can say Jesus began the shift in a time.

Of course, where change was not actively being sought after.

But within the start of the dream while slowly awakening, and, as human problems are finding healing.

We crave to spiritualize places and objects, making some of them more special as holy places. They seem to be real to us.

Once again, these thoughts of these places of holiness seem to be of the physical.

This legitimizes our “alleged” individual physical existence. Indeed, while it keeps us running away from the one real Answer to everything, including our problems.

Consider that the Holy Spirit, your link to your Creator, is the Answer.

Of course, yes, Who is not in the physical world. I mean, as far as an image is concerned, but is in the mind while we’re here on Earth.

He watches over these projections along with us. And simply suggests right-minded moves we need to consider for healing human problems.

How we act on this depends on our belief.

Think about it. What is true thought for you?

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To healing, happiness, and success,

James Nussbaumer

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