The Decision Making Process when You Know You Must Let Go and Move On

In the the decision making process I uncovered that my inward reality would certainly constantly guide me to make better decisions.

We may say this in learning how to follow your heart.

There was constantly one clear solution from the heart for me. I’m saying, regarding what was appropriate for me in any kind of provided scenario.

The basic process is in choosing to let the inner peace about you lead the way.

This is a common result for those who practice mindfulness meditation on a regular basis, as I also do.

In fact if you want to learn more about a quick and easy mindfulness technique, I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness strategy.

Being aligned to your divine consciousness you have the ability to “go deep within” and let go of bodily thoughts that bind you.

Can letting go of what you do not want help the decision making process to finally achieve your goals?

Certainly so!

I know for some of you all this may seem unreal.

But seriously quiet your mind and think about this.

Ask yourself one thing as you contemplate to make better decisions, so you do get the life you want.

It’s time to let go of all distractions from the material world and let spirit from beyond the physical to take over. 

For the most part, that is, meaning you still must take action physically to answer to your true calling, passion, and purpose.

What really are you behind all flesh and bones?

The motivation for this to occur in our minds as whole, is first, the attainment of peace of mind. Yes, as a way of life for everyone individually.

Without it we’re considered poverty stricken without the forgiveness that inner peace purchases.

(In another related article we see how to have inner peace let’s consider a course required for how to find peace within yourself is easy.) 

We must maintain a state of mind that keeps us in a realm of what A Course in Miracles terms, “Right-mindedness.”

The right-mind is where you notice spirit giving you advice and guidance you feel great about.

The notions and thoughts, such as the feeling or sensation you may have by reading this article.

This type of perception will lead you to the condition which God is remembered; and the decision making process will unfold.

It’s not necessary then to tell Him what you want, or ask for favors.

Your Father is always there whispering loving and encouraging messages of change into your mind as you dream humankind’s dream.

His language is the inner peace and serenity you feel about yourself and others. That’s why you become what you believe.

A Course in Miracles asks us:

  • “Would you think a shadow can hold back the Will that holds the Universe secure?”

Your body is the shadow from the guilt of separation that blocks the light of true reality.

God doesn’t wait for illusions to let Him be Himself, so why do you? Feel free to be who you truly are, and easily let go of what holds you back in life.

What illusion (falsity) could there possibly be that could defeat the Will of God and His Son (Child), you?

To tap into your knowledge of Truth requires only a willingness to let all else go. Likewise, closely consider the values you think you hold.

If you cannot let go of what binds you, then everyone has the ability to dictate each decision you make.

This is so because the decision making process is of conclusions based on everything you believe.

If you believe in turning falsity into truth, then you will make wrong-minded decisions.

What you believe comes from your thoughts; and so you become what you believe.

Truth or falsehood is the outcome of our thoughts, then beliefs are formed on that foundation.

We may say a basis for the decision making process.

Suffering will follow guilt, and freedom will follow the fact that you are whole and complete, being of your Creator.

There is no substitute for love which is brought to the surface by Truth, which holds inner peace.

The truth will arise from your beliefs. Just as certain as all of creation (you) rose in His Mind because of what He knows about you.

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To being all you can be,

James Nussbaumer

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