Antichrist Prophecy and Battle of Armageddon loses to the Value of Honesty

I’ve been seeing a new theme arising above our old fears of an antichrist prophecy or a battle of Armageddon.

I’m saying this type of fearful and scarcity mindset quickly being lost; and shined away by our thoughts on truth and honesty.

Regardless of just how passionately we identify with what we want in life, fear likes to get in the way.

The world has helped us hold ourselves back with particular fears and phobias. I’m wanting to get across we are (by a chance, an experience, anything) are afraid of the end.

This has the capacity to take enjoyment and passion out of the plans we make, and we procrastinate.  

Worry, fear, and doubt puts our passion and purpose on time out.

These fears by ancient generations brought forward like antichrist prophecy or “the beast” materializes itself in several means. 

I want to add that, if we aren’t watchful, it can bring us to our knees. Certainly keeping us filled with a scarcity mindset because of a frightened psyche.

There are many, I believe, who can see it already.

But most don’t recognize it as so. This, due to its gradual incline as well as their fear of not conforming to the status quo.

Keep in mind as you read along this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “The Thoughts of God are far beyond all change, and shine forever. They await not birth. They wait for welcome and remembering. The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky.” 

I see Christianity changing and shifting toward further light as our vision progresses.

Likewise, all emotion is slowly finding its way to where it is no longer necessary in the final physical events.

I mean those forsyths as projected by generations past. I mean the descriptions of an Armageddon are becoming less and less frightening.

We’re going to begin seeing less and less ego-based mind built on fear and doubt forecasting the antichrist prophecy.

Yes, indeed, I’m saying as time goes by where the wave of right-mindedness more and more hits the shore.

This will continue until the ego is totally obliterated which will be the end of time. As well, still millions of years away.

But those millions of years is really only an instant from now, as we dream of time, space and material form we’ve come to call Earth.

This time frame is much like the separation was an instant ago. If this seems confusing then ask yourself: How long do dreams last?

In fact, recognizing and fulfilling one’s forgiveness through inner peace will save hundreds or even thousands of years in the process of spiritual development.

Here’s how:

As the ego gradually fades over the years to come, chaotic thoughts of an antichrist prophecy will go with it.

Just as well, gradually a new theme for humankind ushers in a vision of wholeness and peace. The ego will become quieter.

This “new theme” actually has begun. It’s happening now gradually and with this kind of vision we’re starting to understand some things.

Yes, things like why there is not a need for us to fear death.

Currently, today, as a whole we are indeed on that road with this destination as the goal.

Honestly, for “Pete’s sake”, isn’t this why you are reading this article, or perhaps, too, my book series?

Maybe why you’re reading this content at this particular time in your life? Likewise, this is why I am writing it at this certain time period of my life.

Of course, who knows the time lag between where I am now versus where you are while you sit back and enjoy this.

Humankind’s new vision will not occur in one single swoop so to speak.

No, not with a man or woman suddenly appearing on a mountain top claiming to be Christ.

The thought of taking the good to His right and slashing the bad is ongoing right now. Sure, as wrong-minded thoughts shift to the right.

The savior is already here, and replacing thoughts of the antichrist prophecy in our right-minds. 

As well, using time to lead and guide us to the next step of the stairway to total one-mindedness as Christ.

This awakening from the dream of separation and the fantasy of bodies as who we think we are will be no more.

With a final blink of the physical eye the dream of form will have ended. Yes, and real vision will prove that you are safe at Home, right where you’ve been all along.

Ultimate salvation is here for us now, when we realize there truly is nothing we need to be saved from.

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A Chain Reaction away from an Antichrist Prophecy

The chaotic split-mind syndrome filled with a scarcity mindset has caused a blur in the vision of the world.

It’s become a thick fog that holds its sight of specialness as a replacement for love. We were taught that “specialness”, or, being considered special is a good thing.

When reason and truth overload the ego it will see that it really is not special and it will back down.

We’re beginning to see this now in the world.

Truth is coming forward everywhere.

Just take a look around you. Don’t you see it? The fear you see in every aspect of life in this world is reaching out for help everywhere.

A Course in Miracles further states: 

  • “Where could the Thought of God holds of you exist but where you are? Is your reality a thing apart from you, and in a world which your reality knows nothing of?

People more and more seem to stop and take notice, even if it’s briefly, when they see, feel, or sense truth in another individual.

It may seem only like a glimpse, but that’s enough to start a chain reaction to end such notions as the antichrist prophecy.

For example, even something as seemingly minor as the volunteer worker at the local hospital.

The one who can put a happy thought of healing on an individual’s face where physical hurt is lingering.

In time this type of effortless communication will cause humankind to become more alert. Most certainly to the  feelings of truthfulness and the value of honesty.

We are awakening slowly, no different than waking up from a dream while in bed. I mean like where a loved one whispers gently that it’s time to “wake up”.

But for now our reality that rests joyfully behind the dream is blinded by the dream.

The ego is the center stage character making illusions only seem real.

Without the ego-based mind the dream of life in this world has no further projections, and we awaken.

Some years ago a friend of mine was undergoing physical therapy from a crippling back disorder. And after a severe surgical procedure, he was left in tremendous pain.

His therapy treatments were grueling let alone mind boggling. A group of us went together and bought Jack a hot tub.

He said with the awful days of the therapy he could look forward to going home that afternoon to soak in the hot tub.

He was unable to afford this type of thing, and our gift to him signaled right-mindedness in a “round about” fashion.

The resolution in these kinds of things is a shifting over to a more right-minded approach to life.

It is a conscious effort needed when making choices to fear things like an antichrist prophecy.

What does this effort entail?

It’s a mere and simple acting and reacting from Truth and the value of honesty within yourself.

This will give you the sensation within time that there’s more to us all than just a body; and that such events as an antichrist prophecy or Armageddon are not real. 

Eternity has no such conflict!

The shift is natural and Godspeeds along.

What actually is Godspeed?

That would be simply what it says. It is the speed or pace which God knows to be appropriate for any given situation.

It is the rate of speed that will get us there in due time. It’s which is the time it takes for you and I, individually and as a whole, to realize who and what we are.

It could be the time it takes between getting my entire book series published and you reading it.

As a whole we are succeeding at bringing forward in our minds this new vision that holds no scarcity mindset.

The old fashioned deep rooted beliefs we hang onto like an antichrist prophecy, do not work anymore.

Likewise, technology surely is helping us along the way. But this doesn’t mean we’ll find God in Heaven with advanced space travel.

However, it does mean we all come closer to the knowledge of what it takes to heal.

Haven’t we been experiencing this already?

Consider when we heal the body with medical breakthroughs. We learn, and we sense a glimpse of healing beyond the physical.

The outward expression of what is going on in our minds. This glimpse is a step closer to our goal.

It’s of the Godspeed that is necessary in the dream. This is all good.

Our old memory and ways of thinking are finding out they cannot exist as we move toward wholeness.

This is where the brain, body, will ultimately be a thing of past dreaming; and an illusion, a bundle of ego-based thought.

We will come to see “this instant”, the present moment, as all there is.

It will be our experience of total bliss, and we won’t need a hot tub to achieve this magnitude in our minds.

(Here’s another related thought provoking article: it discusses internal strength to create the life you want never fears that something or someone is more powerful than itself.) 

To thoughts of truth and honesty,

James Nussbaumer

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