Heaven Is You: What Else Could your Real Home Be?

Heaven Is You

Heaven is all that God created. He did not create It to be separate from us. It’s not a location nor is it a condition.

It’s an awareness of perfect oneness and is the knowledge that there is nothing else.

There is nothing that can ever exist outside the oneness, and nothing but you within. The wholeness of God is you.

All that God is will always be knowledge and love, the factor for Truth. But we’ve obscured the light of Truth by our projected images.

Keep in mind this lesson from the Course in Miracles:

  • Our shining footprints point the way to truth, for God is our Companion as we walk the world a little while

Deep within we know that we are blocking Truth, so we place the guilt we have of this onto an image we call a body.

But if you think about this for a moment, how can a body be guilty because it can do nothing on its own?

Heaven is without deception, agree?

We deceive ourselves when we think we hate the body and berate and belittle our real magnitude, or when we see the need to punish others.

Take a moment now, and try to visualize in your own way, you and I as an extension of God.

Try to see that your right-mind is a mirror that reflects this extension. See it as a portrait of not seeking judgement or punishment, but do see it as truthful understanding.

In this understanding is where we have a sensation to heal ourselves and help others heal. To heal is to acknowledge the split-mind as unreal.

We’re able to do this by looking beyond that separated state as we overlook the wrong-mindedness we seem to live by.

It is the fantasy as just being “that”, nothing more.

Heaven is, what, then?

When someone had behaved unlovingly, when they cheat on us, use profanity, or lie, they have lost touch with their true essence.

They have lost their sense of connection to their Source, but do not realize it.

It’s important that you understand, it is not the connection itself that has been lost, But it is the simple sensation of the connection, which is the truth about them.

We can say this is their true light, and is what has the strength to “overlook” any fantasy by “looking beyond” it.      

I can tell you from my own experiences and the stress involved in being a prisoner in the American prison system, that we humans have been so ingrained in seeing error as something guilty, and then to punish that individual for his or her errors.

We feel we must punish, first, and, then, consider to rehabilitate individuals.

Even down to a simple traffic error such as not being alert to particular traffic sign, we’re taught this is a violation.

In punishing others we end up punishing ourselves.

But does this mean we should not hold responsible in some manner, crimes such as, the murderer, just because he flipped out and placed himself behind a loaded gun, only to pull the trigger?

Absolutely, we do need to hold him or her responsible.

But my point is, that due to fear in ourselves, we’re too quick to punish, rather than, help, rehabilitate, or trying to find out more what made this individual carry out the crime.

We do have excuses for this.

We blame it on a jammed overcrowded courts and prison systems where it’s not cost effective, or feasible time wise, to do so for each “criminal”. But in Truth, we’re afraid, and what is it we are really afraid of?

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It is mostly being afraid of not understanding why it is that we don’t understand. We’re really afraid to truly figure out, why.

Just as well, we’re afraid to admit this.

Even worse this gives us good reasoning, we think, to punish and hope that the threat of punishment will be the crime stopper.

But is it, or can it be?

No, it never will stop crime, because we’re keeping the projection of both, our fears of it seemingly alive and the crime itself seemingly a necessary way of life.

Huh, how so?

Ahh, you may have missed this.

When we live in fear of potential crime we are dreaming someone else’s dream.

Or, you could simply say, we are telling the potential criminal himself that we are ready to catch him.

We must begin to understand that we all must help in a whole-mind-set to consciously change our purpose from fear to love.

This alone, will keep a motion for consistent healing, rather than, a revolving door that opens to further punishment..

The kind of fear, frustration, anxiety, stress that only holds us back in life.

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To Heaven,

James Nussbaumer

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