How to Remove Fear from Mind through Perfect Love of Life

How to remove fear from mind about anything going on in your life was a question we explored at a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar.

Is perfect love the answer to why we fear of losing someone we love, and how can we grasp this strength more easily.

Too, how can the idea of the wholeness we supposedly are, the connectedness, offer us a life of passion and purpose?

Keep in mind as you read along this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “The gift of life is yours to give, because it was given you. You are unaware of your gift because you do not give it.”

Let’s first look at why deep within we all yearn for how to remove fear from mind. 

Each of us is the whole “Sonship,” as the Course in Miracles terms and I discussed in detail in book one this series, The Master of Everything.

In other words, the whole Child of God.

By your recognition of the shared nature of all thoughts is your determination to see.

In Truth, you will see a changed world, because you’ll consistently be operating from your real self.

You will see a changed world that replaces fear with love, laughter replaces tears, and abundance will replace loss.

I mean being able to look upon the real world and let it teach you that your true free will and the Will of God are one and the same.

You will know how to use your own body to communicate with the Sonship through the mind of others.

But you must give your body to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is really you, so that He may help you to see only what is true in others.

Anything else can be lovingly seen as nonsense, and dismissed in a joyful light.

This is how to remove fear from mind!

If you use the body from the truth that you are by getting rid of ego-based fantasy and wishes, you will have shifted forward in your mind from separated thought.

This is the direction to all that is real, and will give you quick notice of the unreal.

However, when the ego gets involved and misusing a relationship is the goal, conflict will arise in some form.

We’ve all done this.

It will by your loss of peace caused by that of which is unreal. How is it that ego-based thought is not real, you might be continuing to think?

Look at it this way:

We have two totally opposite thought systems to choose from.

There is no other which can be considered, or neutral, between what is true and what is false, or, real and unreal.

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It’s one or the other, either of perfect love or still tormenting yourself about how to remove fear from mind.

If each of these thought systems, depending on which one you choose to operate from, has either made or created you, then you’ll need to look closer at which one represents you.

Were you made or were you created?

One of them is the Spirit of God, or, Holy Spirit. The other is separate and apart and on its own, which has not the power to create or to love.

Without love there is no Truth, therefore, cannot be real.

It can’t be real because God created you out of His Love, which is the Oneness of all things.

Anything that chooses not to be of this Oneness, can only dream about something better.

From projections we made the ego-based mind with the separated thought from His Love, a thought of a better or higher lover.

We feel the guilt for doing so, and projected the image of a body to hide behind. We made this body in our separated mind as a projection of who we think we are.

The projections continued to cover guilt and have gotten out of control. This is what we made.

But you still ask: Why is the ego unreal?

Let’s clearly in our right-mindedness ask ourselves one prevailing question that can put this to res:

If God created you and you made the ego-based mind, how, then, could the ego have offered you a thought system?

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To a life of love and less fear,

James Nussbaumer

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