Having a Positive Attitude Heals Your Worrying Too Much

For years I’d seek out tons of books on having a positive attitude, self-help, new age, spirituality, and psychology to philosophy.  This went on unto finally I allowed the light to enter, and I no longer had to force myself to think positive thoughts.

I finally freed myself and opened my eyes to a wonderful awakening.

I discovered that the door to my inner prison cell was never locked and would easily slide open once I accepted that freedom was nowhere to be found, but is always with us.

I would see my freedom in knowing it is okay to accept what’s going on in each instant.

A “holy instant,” if you will.

As humans we seem to accept into our separated, non-whole self, or as A Course in Miracles states, “split-mind,” which is not really here, and deny what truly is. 

This keeps the mind continuing to fragment, causing us to begin worrying too much and only piling on more ego-based thought. 

You may deny the function of ways to be creative God has given your mind, through and within His Mind, but you cannot prevent it. 

By having a positive attitude about ways to be creative becomes the logical outcome of what and who you are.

Think positive thoughts

As I described in detail in previous articles about my ability to begin having a positive attitude and see a logical outcome in the matter of the worldwide mindfulness meditation session, depended on my willingness to see it. 

It’s like A Course in Miracles states, “What God created cannot be attacked, for there is nothing in the universe unlike itself.”

The fact of all my doubts and worrying too much about whether or not the woman from Croatia, named Nakita, was being real and honest with me about this event, and the factor of how many participants there would be, had nothing to do with my own willingness to go forward. 

In these previous articles I discussed in detail how Nakita somehow finding my address while incarcerated in an Ohio prison, sending chills up my spine as I was worrying too much about why and how she searched me out!

Why was she asking me to join in on this particular mindfulness meditation session during the Christmas season for world peace?

If this was real and not some sort of prank, by having a positive attitude I finally came to the conclusion that whoever else would participate was already God’s Will; I could not control or change that. 

But what I was able to affect was the result I could foresee within myself, by participating. 

Ways to be creative

God’s Will was for me to participate regardless of how many others did so, and by denying that I would be denying my own true free will as well.

In the end and having a positive attitude I gladly participated in the meditation session on December 22, 2010, at 9:30 pm from my bunk, deep in the rabbit hole of the violent din of the cell block, because a burning knowledge that lit up brightly inside me said that I must—a solid decision that helped me through the holidays there in prison. 

My restless mind became controlled with having a positive attitude and attained a creative energy that was truly mine. I held a great capacity for remaining calm and quiet.

And this is why I love this sytem now, for keeping me in tune with where I need to be!

I felt as though I could concentrate on anything.

For me that session was a real remedy for both healing and fulfillment with a great sense of harmony. The Christmas holidays there in that awful prison environment came and went, and I really didn’t dwell on whether or not the event was real or a hoax any longer. 

Letting go

I continued having a positive attitude and moving forward in the daily regimen I set for myself, surviving in prison, writing my books, while seriously contemplating my release. 

I was due an early release from the overtly political ten year sentenced slammed down hard on me by an example setter Judge.

But when would I see freedom?

I did mail a short note to my friend William who I’d mailed an invitation to for the event, and in turn, he mailed a copy to his sister out west.

I asked whether his sister had given him any word about the copy of the flyer he had mailed her.  I was also curious to know what part of New Mexico she lived in. 

I wanted to visualize in my mind exactly where this copy had finally settled down. 

I also decided to write to Nakita and let her know I did participate, but mostly I was still overwhelmingly concerned and worrying too much over how she had come to write to me in the first place. 

I continued to hound myself over thoughts of, “Who gave her my information?” 

If you want to control your own destiny then go here now.

To letting go of worrying too much,

James Nussbaumer

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