Turn My Life Around in an Instant just by Realizing Your True Inner Power

Ways to turn my life around when thinking, ‘I Need a Miracle from God Right Now!

You are a miracle-worker, because you are the miracle, if you choose to be. Access more info here: 

I mean, make positive changes in your life can be easy. I’m saying it doesn’t mean you have to ask or state, I need a miracle from God right now.

You have been given that power in your oneness with your Creator.

Yes, the miracle. 

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A few years back and prior to his passing, I had the satisfaction of visiting with Wayne W. Dyer. Yes, live, at a conference in Florida.

He tossed back and forth the attributes of a miracle and all the other angles.

Although it was just one of many interesting discussions about ‘need to change my life’ I’ve heard him speak on in the past.

But this one instantly set me free to turn my life around. 

While sitting there in the conference center thinking about changes in life I needed to make, something amazing came over me.

In big vibrant letters without forcing… or without any effort I simply jotted down:

  • “This world is mine because what I see I created within myself.”

The words just came naturally for me to put on my notepad. Yes the old fashioned kind I always carry with me and have handy in my hip pocket.

I’d started that hip pocket routine while in prison since we had no computer usage whatsoever.

The message that came from within me was so powerful it turned into a few tears down my cheek.

I had a warm secure feeling while sitting there, alone. Yes, I mean, with no one I knew there to witness and share what I was feeling.

The conference had ended and my inner Self was satisfied.

Back at the hotel I immediately picked up my copy of A Course in Miracles, opened it and landed on page 222 without a bookmark, Lesson 124 of ACIM workbook.

My eyes looked down at the title of the lesson that said, “Let me remember I am one with God.”

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All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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