Is it Time for a Divorce Now or for Fixing a Broken Relationship?

Indecisively if you’re thinking relationship healing, or is it time for a divorce, one of the partners, perhaps the one with a lower pain threshold, decides that she just can’t live with the marriage any longer.

Perhaps she’s “notwithstanding all the loss and dislocation of divorce,” decides that it would be better than continuing the marriage.

The initiator can be and frequently is the husband, it is the wife in most of the time of divorces who initiates to heal the relationship, but then ending the marriage.

I’ve decided to cut this brief video below and posted to YouTube on the dilemma over, ‘Is it time for a divorce,’ or are you just pretending the signs are not there your spouse is thinking about divorce?

I want o get across that you have to care for both of your feelings.



No matter what you are seeing as signs of either fixing a broken relationship, or “It’s perhaps time for a divorce,” there’s a way to look at this together for the benefit of each other. 

I mean even if you think you’ve found the best way to tell that your wife wants a divorce, you need to express your feelings, so that both of you can intelligently decide to either heal the relationship, or move forward in life.

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There may be many potentially serious indications answering to, is it time for a divorce, that she’s thinking in the healing needed and broken marriage, when one or both of you quit trying to understand each other during arguments, or even in simple conflict.

Quite often, married couples who disagree and raise deep conflict on a regular basis, but  on the side of the matter still have a lasting love for one another, can fix the broken marriage.

If you’ve been experiencing thoughts of, is it time for a divorce, these kinds of signals in your spouse more than just occasionally, and you’re sensing that it might be time for a divorce, you need to act.

You do need to do something with positive outlook to make optimistic changes, like immediately, especially when fixing a broken relationship can occur.

In other words, I mean if you and your partner are in constant conflict all of the time, over petty issues, it is time to learn ways to heal the problem or mend.

Follow this strategy and you’ll see otherwise if you must ask yourself, “Should we seek relationship healing, or is it time for a divorce?”

Yes, it’s no secret that an increase in the frequency and intensity of arguments with your partner are a clear indication that all is not well with your marriage.

Keep in mind, usually one of the spouses with a less pain tolerance decides that she just needs to answer to, heal the relationship or get the divorce.

This is the partner who can’t live with the marriage any longer, and will risk the the loss and learn to rebuild from the dislocation of divorce.

But many couples do not give healing a good chance, and give up far too soon.

This partner seems to decide that it would be better than continuing the marriage.

The initiator can be and many of the times is the man, but it is the wife in nearly 80%  of divorces who initiates the ending of the marriage.

By the way I also suggest you take a look at this video on the Women which Men adore, and contemplate this before taking any drastic action on a divorce, too quickly.

So, are you thinking about a divorce, or are you can’t just pretending the signs are not there that your spouse is deciding over either to heal the relationship, or get a divorce?

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To healing and a happy life,

James Nussbaumer

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