Moving Forward in Life for Change-the Brave Healing Process

Much of the world has a tough time making decisions that don’t come easy. Moving forward in life is important. The truth in us as a whole has fallen asleep and is having a dream of separate wholes, with each one having a separate meaning.  People everywhere are beginning to rub their eyes and yawn, however, […]

Core Beliefs Uncovered For Life Lived Truly On Your Terms

When you decide to uncover the doubts about your core beliefs and look deeper within, you may either beat yourself up a bit, or jokingly rib yourself for what a fool you’ve been. The real story is that accepting the truth about how you truly believe or feel is not necessarily going to make you all […]

Fears and Phobias Healed to Begin Conquering Anxiety

Can we pinpoint a reason for our fears and phobias? Whatever brings on fears and phobias in you, you can count on the fact that they can be treated or healed, and you can begin conquering anxiety that goes along for the ride and watch it all fade away. Some normal fears and phobias often […]

Universal Intelligence Accessible Through Inner Vision and Meditation

Ongoing research and science as well getting involved is giving us information showing that the subconscious mind, or, we may now say, universal intelligence, has power to extend itself—turning you into a superhuman that can literally create and change anything.   Meditation that begins consciously and continues, will roam the subconscious beginning the momentum for […]