Why Am I Here-the Aged Old Question of Uncertainty in Life

Being uncertain in life and wondering why am I here while constantly pondering what is life all about, can lead to fearing an uncertain future. This may hold you back from actually living the life of your dreams. Fearing the future just might be what makes you miss over great things destined for you. A […]

SEO Copywriting and Content Must Have a Strategy of Power

The primary goal is to help you bring your website and your SEO copywriting and content, step by step, to the high standards that reflect your integrity. Yes, I do write inspirational and new age spiritual content, but for my message to reach others I must be in tune with SEO. My point, of course, regardless […]

Hidden Wholeness Must Be Uncovered to Rid Global Conflict

The hidden wholeness that is who we are is a wonderful story. It only seems difficult to tap into it, yet going there is the experience of knowing what truly is. We certainly know what this hidden wholeness is, because “to be it” and “to have it” is the knowledge, but an illusory aspect in […]

Beyond the Body – What are we Looking For?

Beyond the body initially is a thought difficult to accept when the ever doubting and fearful ego in us all tries to intrude. Everything we see in this world has been assigned a name, which becomes its identity.  Take the clock, for example.  It is a timepiece that keeps us organized into days, months, years, […]

How to Feel Better about Yourself by Knowing Ways to Feel Happy

If you often wonder how to feel better about yourself and always thinking about ways to be happy, you’ll continue to fight with yourself about ways to have more self-confidence. It’s quite obvious. Even the individual with the most self-confidence in this world, would start feeling down on his luck if he/she were always listening […]

Grief and Depression Overcome by Going After What You Want

Any grief and depression you fight is due to the ego-based mind. The ego in us all has often asked us to “Be careful what we wish for,” and it has surely been correct.  When you wish for something, at best you will experience only fantasy, nothing real.  The ego also tells us that “All […]