Positive Change in your Life; to be Enlightened

To be enlightened and positive change in your life is often misunderstood. Do you truly know how to be enlightened? Is becoming more enlightened and positive change in your life a way you want to live, perhaps a secret ambition? A Course in Miracles helps us answer…When you follow your inner light of joy, can […]

Can’t Forgive? Clue for Gaining Trust in Relationships

Can’t forgive or having a hard time at trust in relationships? Because the human consciousness is ego-based—meaning built on fear, doubt, and judgement, it has a hard time living in the present moment, and therefore forgiveness is hard to practice. The ego’s idea of forgiveness is the language part of our consciousness that has an […]

True Power of Visualization and More Love

By the true power of visualization you won’t need to long for more love. Often we find it difficult to understand the fact that our everyday experiences of what we only think to be reality are only projections within the mind. Yes, projected images. But on the other hand many of us often do agree […]

Feelings of Anxiety Fade Away when Spiritually Minded

Ridding feelings of anxiety and heal feeling detached is a benefit of being spiritually minded, and needs no special cure, place, or circumstance.  It is not concerned with anything out of your ordinary daily routine.  In book 1 of my series it is discussed…Being spiritually minded and dropping feelings of anxiety is just a simple […]