Discover Your Passion with Enthusiasm and your Purpose in Life Lived

To discover your passion brings individual power of mind and awakens yourself to the charm of the world. It leads you to the heart of spiritual journey as it changes your feelings, ideas, and perceptions. But to discover your passion does not necessarily guarantee a simple life, rather a rich life open to hopes and possibility. Speak […]

Having a Positive Attitude Heals Your Worrying Too Much

For years I’d seek out tons of books on having a positive attitude, self-help, new age, spirituality, and psychology to philosophy.  This went on unto finally I allowed the light to enter, and I no longer had to force myself to think positive thoughts. I finally freed myself and opened my eyes to a wonderful […]

Intuition Power-Your Inner Vision and the Process of Creativity

Many may agree from experiences of everyday life, we are aware that we have intuition power—which can be realized as an immediate, but effortless vision, or sense, of what is real and true. But we sometime experience errors in this so-called inner vision. When we are choosing a direction, say, at the fork in the […]

What’s Karma Other Than How to have a Happy Life

Many people, especially in the west, often ask: What’s Karma? Karma is the universal flow of thought leading you to take action. In today’s world, we can say it is a sorting out of the negative false thoughts, from the more truthful, optimistic outlook on your life while in this world.   In might be […]

How Can I Quickly Lose Weight? A Mind and Body Exercise for Weight-Loss

Many successful people everywhere are discovering it, after they’ve asked, how can I quickly lose weight? If you’ve checked up on the benefits from yoga, then you are aware that yoga is practiced for both mindful and physical benefits. Others have messaged me asking about mindfully taking A Course in Miracles seriously toward helping the […]

Trusting Someone by Learning to Let Go of Fearing the Future

Where trust in relationships is concerned, enduring fear is among our inner most strengths. Trusting someone gives us a mindset that we might get hurt either emotionally or physically, or when you can’t trust anyone it’s because part of you thinks you need to always feel in control of what happens.   Living this way, […]