Change Your Habits to Change Your Life by the Law of Attraction

To live the life you want is in your readiness and willingness to change your habits to change your life. You can change your life by the power of a reflective state of mind to factor in what you want in life.

Underneath our human psyche we have the power of reflection that determines outcomes.

It’s the secret way to success and how successful people grow!

Let’s consider the idea of change your habits to change your life by using the law attraction is to accelerate manifesting the life we want.

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So now let me say that, effort and disappointment requires lots of negative wrong-minded energy, as the Course in Miracles teaches through it spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons.  

So what is the secret to aligning with the law of attraction to change your habits to change your life and manifest quicker outcomes?

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “How to change my life?”

Well there are numerous secrets really.

The first secret to change your habits to change your life is to have a deep understanding of the law of attraction.

You must see how it can help you to manifest results that develop powerful effects.

It is truly fantastic how many individuals, and so may you, as well, learn to change your habits to change your life, by seeking out reflective state of mind power through the law of attraction self-help books, CD’s, videos, and so much more material.

Some of you know my story, and if I can use the power of a reflective state of mind from a prison cell during 8 long years, to get my book manuscripts into the hands of a mainstream publisher, then so can anyone learn to tap into the power within.

But many get involved for a few weeks then give up on their mission.

Sadly their lives are the very same aggravating unhappy development as it constantly was. They continue to feel caught up, down on their luck and stuck, and can’t seem to be spiritually minded, I mean knowing their inner reality.

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You Can Change your Life

With increased understanding of the intimate nature of the law of attraction your ability to change your habits to change your life grows more powerful and more effective.

The Course in Miracles states, “The way is not hard, but it is different.”

I have seen people who first tried to apply the law of attraction and stopped, simply because they didn’t seem to get the results they wanted fast enough.

There are people whose understanding of the law of attraction has dramatically transformed their lives rapidly.

And there are those who continue to go to pieces like a trapped fish swimming against the parameters of their self-enforced fish tank.

But there are many who have found their true calling!

The trick to change your habits to change your life by using the law of attraction is to dive deeply into the subject.

Yes, I mean be consistent with practicing the reflective state of mind meditation principles and do not stop if wrong-minded ego-based thinking tells you that things are not shifting forward quick enough.

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That Ego in us All

It’s that ego-based mind aspect in us, that sandy foundation of fear, doubt, and judgement which likes to get in the way.

It’s the ego blocking the inner light of your knowledge, and not allowing you to live the life you want.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “What is healing but the removal of all that stands in the way of knowledge.”

You see, perhaps why you have been unable to change your habits to change your life is due to believing in constraint and lack with a scarcity mindset for numerous years, and may take some more time to shift your awareness, by allowing the ego-based mind to begin fading away.  

Let go of “Lack” to Live the Life you Want

Are you aware that when you begin watching videos, listening to tapes or reading books and articles on the law of attraction that you are manifesting an ability that increases greatly?

What’s happening is the more your inner awareness builds a foundation set in rock, the more the sandy stability of the ego-based mind fades away.

Here is where you will naturally begin letting go of the idea of “lack” in your life and more and more change your habits to change your life.

Remember, the secret then is to never stop learning and feeding your mind with the power of a reflective state of mind, until you master it.

Be like the athletes who train consistently to end up being the stars in their sport.

You Can Find the Way to Success if you Truly want to:

For example, my first book which I’d handwritten while in prison for 8 long hellish years, and I mean a hell on earth, was already in stores and on, upon my release.

But because I had no computer use while I was away (sent the handwritten manuscripts out to a typist), when I’d gotten home I didn’t even know what a BLOG was.

My publisher requested I start blogging, and I had to with much embarrassment, ask them to explain, “what the heck is a blog?”

Now my blogs are ranked highly with Google and the SEO.

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So, I mean, yes, you can change your life!

I mean, absolutely, it is in your reach, and the power of reflection is of the habits of successful people, and is why they act like success and think like success. 

People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and so many more who have passed through time, were not handed their successes, but they did learn to incorporate within themselves the habits of highly effective individuals.

You can learn to master it, too, and you can live the life you want, by learning to use the law of attraction to manifest faster and higher results beyond your present capabilities.

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To the power within you,

James Nussbaumer

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