What’s Karma Other Than How to have a Happy Life

Many people, especially in the west, often ask: What’s Karma? Karma is the universal flow of thought leading you to take action. In today’s world, we can say it is a sorting out of the negative false thoughts, from the more truthful, optimistic outlook on your life while in this world.   In might be […]

Forgiving Others within your Real Conscious Awareness

I hope your real inner vision is seeing that truly forgiving others is what we’re after here, and is the real meaning behind the method of communication we choose to use.  It’s the meaning in this article–specifically how it pertains to you—that is the Guiding Force to help you see the real you. A Course […]

How to Enjoy Life when it seems Life is Difficult

How to enjoy life? Ever feel bummed out over crazy things and worrying over nothing when it seems that life is difficult? If we can look at the return journey to reawakening as the inner healing process of the split-mind, as well as healing of the guilt for the separation that plagues us, we may more […]