A Course in Miracles-Life’s Abundance Rising to the Surface in You

A Course in Miracles and its purpose, principles, and practice has helped many worldwide to claim life’s abundance through everyday miracles in their lives. If you are not realizing your power of mind–meaning hearing the voice for God, you’re not listening, is what millions of people everywhere agree including famous people like Marianne Williamson, Eckhart […]

Hard To Love-How to Find Love

Hard to love, perhaps, because it’s easy for us to accept the insanity of the ego mind which is filled with doubt, fear, and judgement. We made the ego mind ourselves through the lessons taught to us by our idols. What we make we “take pride in.”  But we find it difficult to accept and […]

Step out of Your Comfort Zone-Leave False Self-Enjoy Spiritual Growth

Being complacent and not able to step out of your comfort zone can easily set you back without realizing it.  After all, we’re humanly afraid of our limitless power within. But for individuals thinking they are safe in their comfy zone, just very well may be halting ever reaching their true potential. And this is […]

Getting through Difficult Times and Feeling Stronger Everyday

Life certainly can throw difficult times at us. Sometimes it may feel as though you are chained and bound where feeling stronger everyday just doesn’t seem to surface. Experiencing difficult times can be a horrifying undertaking, and if this is the case with you I know how you feel. It’s not necessary to wait until […]

Spiritual Manifestation by Healing, Transforming, Letting Go of Ego-based thought

Spiritual manifestation happens when you make the shift in your mind to right-mindedness where you must change your whole approach to life and higher consciousness. You must begin healing and transforming wrong-minded ego based perceptions—which are misaligned mindful patterns and thought system. In book 1 of the series we go deep about…The ability to experience […]

Stress Anxiety Fades Away as Signs of Spiritual Awakening Appear

I see stress anxiety diminishing as I see more and more signs of spiritual awakening all around us and within us right now! I believe the worst is behind us in the material world. An ever increasing number of people are experiencing signs of the power of the subconscious  mind and  spiritual awakening and allowing […]

In Despair and how to experience Emotional Healing

Being in despair and enduring a situation where emotional healing is needed can be a huge hill to climb for overcoming adversity, but it doesn’t have to be. In despair and trying to find a way through emotional healing certainly can be a battle with the snarling dogs of your own ego mind.   I mean to […]

Feeling Complete through the Truth in Self Forgiveness

No doubt feeling complete has to do with aligning to the truth within you. I’m sure you’ve had some times when you’ve felt like your normal thirst for life is drying up. Self forgiveness in it’s truest meaning is where your miraculous powers exist. Self forgiveness is something that may be difficult to do, even though […]