Coping with a Breakup and Choosing to Let Go and Move on

If you are coping with a breakup and moving forward in life and you’re thinking that life moves on, you’ll want to keep yourself motivated and occupied. Wanting to get on with how to deal with a bad breakup can be something that can put you in the dumps. But the more you let go […]

Make my Life Better Achieved by the Miracle of Decision to Do So

When you think or say to yourself ‘please make my life better,’ are you still asking and waiting and hoping for magic to happen, or for someone from somewhere to save your life? Guess what, there is no magic that has real potential, but there surely are real miracles, and are in your power. Yes, […]

Managing Stress and Anxiety to Live the Life YOU Want

For managing stress and anxiety here is another kind of relaxation in reflective state of mind–a mindfulness training, a progressive relaxation approach. I have re-purposed a past blog post about I’d written some time ago on how to get rid of fear and anxiety and say ‘I want THIS for life’!  I have included it here […]

Finding Balance in a Relationship for Finding True Love

Whether or not you are seeking relationship healing, take the time now to being open to not only finding true love, but also finding balance in a relationship. With love and relationships sooner or later if there is lack of balance of control, finding true love will be difficult, and resentment will take over. The […]

Improve Myself: When you Seek for Self-Growth and Building Self-Esteem

When you say to yourself from truth and from within that, ‘I need to improve myself,’ you are taking action in your mind for a continuous journey for learning. Personal transformation as well as self-esteem and confidence can be improved. Yes, you can begin to ‘Rock On.’ We make essential changes to improve our self-esteem […]

Personal Growth Goals for Ways to Improve your Life

Wouldn’t you love to live such a life with the flexibility to believe in your personal growth goals and shift forward to success? I mean would you like to stop fretting over daily struggles and troubles and conflicts which are holding you back in life? Do you see ways to improve your life that might […]

Better Leader Richer Life Achieved through Yoga and Meditation

In the west it sorted of started with the Boomers and that generation and now the Millennials have stepped it up with yoga and meditation for a better leader richer life scenario. The passion for a reflective state of mind actually was a glimmer of hope in the heart of Albert Einstein as the idea […]

About the Holy Spirit Podcast: For a Better Life

Many people have confusion about the Holy Spirit. In a discussion at a recent conference about the true power within us, and the power of our subconscious mind, and on concepts all about the Holy Spirit, is what this Podcast will be discussing.     Some messaged in and asked me, “When I consider the […]