What to do If You Feel Lonely – Am I Destined to be Alone?

What to do if you feel lonely is something many ancient and recent day thinkers have explored and specified.  It is revealed that one of the surprises of cultures understood for their long lifespan was the significance of love and healthy relationships. Loneliness and unfavorable interactions can depress the functioning of the body’s systems and result […]

What is Spiritual Growth Answered by Your Inner Light of Truth

What is spiritual growth other than the Light of Spiritual Guidance and realizing and accepting the power of your subconscious mind? Doesn’t that realization sprout spiritual growth when understanding the Light,—and together bring about true knowledge? (Below is a recent Podcast that has been well received)     This is not the light you see with […]

Feeling Alone in Life Overcome by Realizing True Eternity

The method for letting go of feeling alone in life is through a “feeling realization” that is understood by our abstract thoughts. Much of our belief in falsehood stems from things that can not be physically touched. (Below is last weeks Podcast/Webinar posted to YouTube.)     First our inner divine Guide–the inner real Self–the […]