Strategy for Finding Purpose in Life

Do you feel your mission in life is hiding from you?… To find your life’s purpose try to bring forward in your mind true knowledge of you as whole with the world. Try seeing that what makes the world go around is people helping people. We’re one with each other in purpose, but each of […]

Finding Your Niche In Life

Is Fear Keeping You From Success?… Are you having difficulty finding success? With cases such as people frequently not knowing what to do next, feeling lost and groping in darkness and worrying about what lurks around the corner, only writes the story of their lives. All they know is that they do not know. This […]

Finding The Small Biz Opp That’s Right For You

How to Create Your Own Ecommerce From Home! Creative thinking draws people to you and your ideas. If you cultivate creative thinking in an environment that nurtures creativity, there’s no telling what kind of ideas you can come up with. It’s how you extend yourself. Maya Angelou had written, “You can’t use up creativity. The […]

Strategy for Reaching Your True Potential

Are You of the Many Denying Yourself the Freedom of Your True Free Will? When I play golf most mornings I am choosing total freedom rather than thinking I need to gain it. Total and true inner freedom can never be gained, because you always have it. It’s what you are as an extension of the […]

Thinking for Change

Are you Achieving Your Goals? Where in life do you want to be, say, in a year from now, two years, 10 years, or whatever you decide. In other words, what kind of future do you want? Do you have a clue? This is something that always bothered me… I knew I didn’t just want […]

Unlocking Your Mind to Develop Creative Thinking

Unleashing Your Mind and Going Beyond the Status Quo! A great thinker once said, “Remember that the great wise men of the past held no respect for today’s conventions, and neither will the great men and women of the future.” If you desire to live your true free will—to improve your life—your current situation—then creativity […]

How Do You Overcome Fear?

Don’t follow your intuition, Don’t Listen to Your  Inner Guidance, and See What You Will Miss Out On In Life! How may we overcome the fear of success—a phobia that limits us? When we are afraid of something, we are acknowledging its power to hurt us. We all believe in what we value. If I am fearful, […]

Freedom and Independence of the School of Entrepreneurship

Do You Truly Have  Self-awareness of Your Income Potential? James Allen had written, “You become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominate aspiration.” Thanks to the Internet, however, the average individual now has unlimited aspiring opportunities for earning residual income from home, and we all have access to more small business information, products, and […]