Improve Work Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace by these 5 Actions

There’s huge ongoing research studies agreeing that optimistic-positive outlook at the workplace, mindfully and psychologically, exhibits to improve work efficiency, and why many organizations are getting away from high-pressure environment shops and work stations.   After all, who wants to work in a high pressured guilt infested cut-throat place anyway? The Course in Miracles tells […]

The Course of Miracles: How to Experience Spiritual Healing by Spiritual Metaphysics

What is The Course of Miracles, many have asked? Actually, its correct title is,  A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and it is intense self-psychotherapy, spiritual metaphysics for healing. It is filled with spiritual healing prayers—which are lessons for healing and principles of spiritual metaphysics. In a set of previous articles which I’ve linked together here, […]