Dealing with Fear of Failure while Healing Panic and Anxiety

Dealing with fear of failure is the modern day bubonic plague, contaminating millions upon millions of people. This fear of failure phobia spreads with viral result, and leaves behind effects of mediocrity and regret filled with panic and anxiety. This “plague” is partially due to social impacts, especially in recent years with world violence, and […]

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety to Live a Better Life

Far too many individuals are filled with fear, anxiety, and worry of one kind or another: fear and anxiety of change, fear and anxiety of success, or worry and fear of failure. How to overcome fear and anxiety, being alone, ending relationships or starting new ones can be achieved. Lots of individuals fear aging, abandonment, […]

Fear of Commitment in Relationships: Healthy or Not?

Fear of commitment in relationships scientifically, is a kind of commitment anxiety. It is commonly called the commitment phobia, which refers to a person who is afraid of relationships and being devoted to any deep tasks, duties and projects. But can there be a cause and effect to this commitment anxiety? I mean as the […]

Adultery in Marriage – Do Marriages Survive Affairs?

There are truly loving marital relationships and there is adultery in marriage. There is no doubt that the most crucial thing in a marriage, as in any other relationship, is honesty and genuine understanding. But do marriages survive affairs? In a marital relationship of the kind we all yearn to have fidelity as being vital. […]