A Better Life Podcast

Understanding that we’re all after and hoping for a better life, is WHY I invite you to join me at — For A Better Life Podcast. 

Here you can listen and learn each week for 20-30 minutes, and other podcasts on special announcement.

If you understand that the world needs you to reach your goals the journey toward setting and achieving goals for a better life can be made easier.

I hope you enjoy opening your mind and heart, even if it means letting go of all the, “This and That” stress of your life, for 20 minutes, or so, perhaps helping you cope with the pressures of, “What to leave in and what to leave out,” as Bob Seger sang. 

And, perhaps you’ll do as my good friend Billy Joel suggested and,  “Take the phone of the hook and disappear for a while.”

And, Jane Crumphauser messaged that I should start posting previous Webinar Sessions to YouTube, so here you go, below:

Hey, perhaps you’d like to just be a fly on the wall and listen and learn!

And each Session below accompanies a brief uplifting article.


Just click below on the Session number you choose to listen to, and enjoy!

Session 19:  3/12/18  Create Your Life Now with The Power of Manifestation

Session 18:  3/5/18  Life Issues Overcome by Understanding your Real Physic Power

Session 17:  2/26/18 How to Solve Problems and Life Issues – the Tandem Bicycle Ride through LIfe

Session  16: 2/19/18  Overcoming Obstacles and Personal Challenges Today

Session 15:  2/12/18  Find Your Inner Strength – Solving Life’s Problems

Session 14:  2/5/18  Discovering Purpose and Finding Your Way in Life

Session 13:  1/29/18  Confused about Who I Am Podcast – Course in Miracles

Session 12:  1/22/18  Facing Adversity Feelings of Hopelessness and Despair 

Session 11:  1/15/18  How Can I Sleep at Night being Answered 

Session 10:  1/8/18  Getting through hard times: What the ego can’t do 

Session 9:   1/1/18  Is God always with us – a question we’ve all asked.

Session 8:   12/26/17  About the Holy Spirit and YOU

Session 7:   12/18/17  Spiritual Consciousness and How to Grow Spiritually 

Session 6:   12/11/17  To say, ‘I Let Go,’ is Finding the Secret to Success!

Session 5:   12/6/17  What Really is Spiritual Growth?

Session 4:   12/4/17  Part 2, Letting Go of Ego and Feeling Alone in Life

Session 3:   12/4/17  The Illusory Ego Mind – its Doubts and Perceptions

Session 2:   12/2/17  Not Allowing the Ego-Based Mind to Get the Best of You

Session 1:    11/3/17  Can you Really Have the Life YOU Want?


Either way, I hope it was time well spent! 

And, for a better life,


James Nussbaumer

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