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Setting life goals for a better life and what we long to do while in this world is important for all of humanity.

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If you understand that the world needs you to reach your goals the journey toward setting and achieving goals for a better life can be made easier.

I always like to add that reaching your objectives and goals can be seen in an amazing light by practicing mindfulness meditation techniques, which I highly suggest.

These instants will strengthen the desire to reach our goals, if they are real, because setting and achieving goals is part of the power of the universe’s use of time for completion plans for the awakened chain.

Having goals and objectives for a better life uncovers the spirit of passion and purpose, while guiding us toward the bliss of being whole where we find completion.

Each instant we spend seeing ourselves as united with our interlocking chain of minds enables us to begin setting life goals and see our desired goals and objectives being achieved as fully attainable.

Try to see that setting life goals for a better life are those of your true free will, yes, your life purpose and passion—which is God’s Will for you.

Your Goals and Objectives

This light of truth is what will direct you.

Setting and achieving goals has already been charted out, and all you need to do for a better life is not be afraid of the light, and begin taking action on your objectives and goals by truth.

The Course in Miracles states, “Arched high above it and surrounding it with love is the glorious whole, which offers all its happiness and deep content to every part.”

The darkness in you is being brought to light as you read this article and contemplate setting life goals in the back of your mind for a better life, among many other things you are being led to.

With setting and achieving goals, you can tell yourself that you are the “bringer of salvation” and therefore have a life of a purpose while in this world of bringing light to darkened thought.

It’s of the Habits of Successful People

For myself, I didn’t realize that all the fear I had ever experienced was always due to this “time dilemma”—my fears of the future even more than my regrets over the past.

You will become more whole with your desire for a better life.

The difficulty in setting life goals for me has always been my worry of not having enough time. Have you ever felt like you might be running out of time to achieve your life purpose?

What is your life purpose?

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “There must be an adjustment in time for the miracle of past error to be turned into knowledge.”

Now I am able to consider how the Holy Spirit in my mind will readjust time in order to assist me with setting and achieving goals.

Could I say this is my mission and life of purpose while I am here in the dream of time, space, and material form, together with you and all others?

What now does time mean when you are concerned with setting life goals for a better life, other than for defeating your own fears and allowing yourself to go beyond them, where reality holds your holiness, just as It holds mine?

You see, for me to achieve my life purpose, someone else must first be setting life goals to achieve their life purpose, and so on.

This is where no two minds can join in the desire for truth, without Truth joining them.

To passion and purpose in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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